back to article ICANN creates 'UN Security Council for the internet', installs itself as a permanent member

In the same week that the United Nations finally gave up trying to grab control of the internet, a group of three organizations led by domain-name overseer ICANN have launched an effort to become the internet's UN. The "NetMundial Initiative" will be an "open source platform" and a "shared public resource" that will enable " …

  1. the spectacularly refined chap

    Play with your own toys

    "Everyone should listen what what this standards body says. It composed of me and my mates and you should do what we say."

    As if the rest of the industry and the world at large are supposed to swallow that. The bodies themselves are not particularly relevant. From the technical arena, why ICANN and not the IETF or even W3C? From the business world I doubt the WEF would be in the top ten names I'd pick. As for Sorry, If I have to click through to find out who the hell you claim you are I'd say you lack the influence automatically.

    This isn't an attempt to solve the world's or even the Internet's problems - it is a power grab. A genuine consortium begins with an open invite to discuss an issue, a remit and charter are agreed among the interested parties and then and only then are board members chosen by e.g. an elections process.

    Instead this is released in one go - this is what we're doing, we are the Internet's new governors, you're welcome to join us provided we remain in charge even though none of us are the most appropriate body for each role.

    But then again I suppose it is one way to get consensus quickly, a resounding, united "Fuck off".

    1. Gannon (J.) Dick

      Re: Play with your own toys

      ICANN has been playing with their permanent members for years. We've told them they will go blind, grow hair on their palms, etc.. Nothing will make them stop.

  2. Ole Juul


    No wonder they decide to model themselves on the United Nations.

    Which is ironic because they have previously named the United Nations as being out of the picture and not acceptable to them in terms of future ICANN control.

  3. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    Even the "Think of the Children" angle feels badly put together

    someone who has figured out how to protect children through a browser

    Seriously? When even the last-resort, works-every-time argument is so badly shaped, you know that they aren't even trying.

    1. Disko

      Re: Even the "Think of the Children" angle feels badly put together

      in my mind i saw a hand coming out of the screen - Videodrome style - to cover children's eyes whenever something deemed inappropriate by the Puritanical Institute pops up. Scary stuff, I think I'll protect my kid myself by just telling her what's what in this world.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "anchor seats".

    for the anchors who will sit in them?

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: "anchor seats".

      Perhaps it's a cunning ploy? It's a plan to improve the breeding stock of the human race, by removing a whole pointless layer of useless global bureaucrats (B Ark style).

      First create a completely insane committee. Then get some of the most useless chair-sitters on God's green Earth appointed. Then sit them on their chairs. Now tie giant anchors to them, chuck the anchors in the deepest part of the ocean, and watch them slide away to the bottom of the deeps.

      It's either that or ICANN have made so much money from selling gTLDs, that their bank account is full. Perhaps it's run out of noughts? Anyway, they've all given themselves pay rises, and massive bonuses. But now their bank accounts are full. The cash is still pouring in, so they need to find a way to get rid of more of it, sharpish...

  5. Phil Koenig

    Because the UN Security Council works so well...

    At the UN, the primary qualification to being on the Security Council seems to be the fact that you possess lots of nuclear weapons.

    I'd imagine in this scenario the "nukes" would basically amount to access to lots of wealth. Eg the "World Economic Forum", the true champions of the commonfolk!

  6. harmjschoonhoven


    Whois info on leads to GODADDY.ORG (Scottsdale, Arizona) as its sole owner. So it is just a commercial setup to be ignored.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Bottom up"

    This is perhaps the most unfortunate expression possible in the circumstances. I expect it would make Stephen Fry giggle.

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