back to article By the way, Home Depot hackers also grabbed 53 million email addresses

Hackers made off with a whopping 53 million email addresses as part of the high profile April breach of Home Depot in which 56 million credit cards were compromised, the company says. The haul bagged enough email addresses to contact everyone in England, but it was unknown if the information had been implicated in further …

  1. tmTM

    "Matt Carey noticed the breach on 2 September"

    Thats a little bit generous really.

    The Feds noticed the breech and got on the phone, it was only when government agents were at the guys door that he realised there was a problem.

  2. Mad Chaz

    I think it's about time laws were put in place so people who react like they did get jail time.

    "We sale hammers" is not an excuse for crap IT practices when you handle people's financial information., yet it's unfortunately a very common kind of excuse. I've even seen IT stores fall to this way of thinking.

  3. J__M__M

    Uh, if Home Depot had the addresses, wouldn't that mean they were already made off with?

    1. Wzrd1

      I found one thing fascinating.

      I never entered my e-mail address in the store register system. Ever.

      I did have it entered a few years ago, in the order fulfillment system and in the online ordering system. I'm on their mailing list for new specials.

      Yet, I received an e-mail from Home Depot telling me that my e-mail address was part of the lost data from their systems.

      So, what does that tell me?

      Far more than their POS systems were compromised.

      Home Depot, you sell hammers? Let me buy one of them, for use on your leadership's fingers.

      After I'm done, I'll return it. Something that would be a first for me with Home Depot (not that much of the products there are of high quality (don't let me go on about the cheap copper plumbing joints, suffice it to say they resemble aluminum foil more than what I could get at a proper plumbing supply house)).

      1. mark 63 Silver badge

        I dont think that means the breach went further, I think it just means they used their standard mailing list to contact victims, rather than actually working out the correct list.

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