back to article Still no start date for’s £6bn Tech Products contract

The Cabinet Office has confirmed the line-up of suppliers for the latest pan-public sector mega framework, but is unable to provide a start date nearly a year after the contract notice was first published. “We are pleased to announce that the Technology Products agreement has been awarded. We will share further information on …

  1. W T Riker


    All things considered they appear to be proceeding very well. Once they have had their afternoon nap they should be ready for some finger painting.

    In business speak - they should be ready to award and start the contract - following a short delay while they have to explain to all the other bidders why they where not selected.

    And, of course before May 2015.

  2. BillDarblay

    If only

    the leaders of this project were as adept at IT as they are at skiing, tennis and Waitrose shopping.

    1. i like crisps

      Re: If only

      and expenses fiddling & speaking with a forked tongue.

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Tell me that what I am reading I am not actually reading

    “customers with urgent requirements”

    Up for a bit of free-air defecation inna woods, I hope?

  4. PeterM42

    Don't worry.... will be YET ANOTHER government F-up which will waste £BEEELIONS and then be ditched in favour of a replacement F-up which will waste...... etc., etc.

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