back to article Forging administrator cookies and crocking crypto ... for dummies

Security pro Laurens Van Houtven has created a free introduction cryptography course to help programmers lift their infosec game. The Crypto 101 book contained everything needed to understand complete systems including block and stream ciphers; hash functions; message authentication codes; public key encryption; key agreement …

  1. fearnothing

    We also need to emphasise re-education of current programmers. Adding cryptography in to the understanding of a student is comparatively cheap and won't have a significant impact for years - maybe a decade or more. Adding it in to the hundreds of thousands of developers currently creating code that we will be using soon... that's a big challenge and will have the most immediate impact.

  2. jr424242

    Missing POODLE, please call 555-1234

    The talk leaves out attacks based on degrading encryption algorithms to obsolete ones.

    Which just shows how tricky things can be, a point which LVH emphasizes well.

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