back to article Pro-democracy Hong Kong sites DDoS'd with Chinese cyber-toolkit

Hacking attacks against organisations promoting democracy in Hong Kong were run using the same infrastructure previously linked to Chinese cyber-espionage attacks, according to new research from security firm FireEye. Sites promoting the Occupy Central Pro Democracy movement, including Next Media’s Apple Daily publication and …

  1. graeme leggett

    There's a phrase I'm trying to remember

    Something like "motive, means, opportunity"

    Wait! Is that a duck (Mandarin not Cantonese style) I hear?

  2. Crazy Operations Guy

    Of course it isn't the Chinese government

    No, the attacks are being carried out by loyal citizens of the People's Republic that just happen to be getting money from the Chinese government for reasons that are totally not related to hacking or other types of cyber-crime (why would you think otherwise?)

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