back to article Oz trade minister RUBBISHES TPP fears

Australia's trade minister has taken a swipe at critics of the Trans Pacific Partnership, accusing them of spreading “misinformation” about a trade treaty that's been kept as secret as possible since its inception. In response to criticism from consumer watchdog Choice about the deal, Robb told ABC Radio “Those who are opposed …

  1. dan1980


    That is all (sorry for the language but it would take many more words otherwise).

    1. CrazyLikeAFox

      Most of the additional words required are for emphasis anyways.

      1. dan1980

        Indeed. The most obvious one would also require similar censorship and apology.

  2. Woza

    "Spreading misinformation"

    a.k.a "We changed the name of the treaty."?

  3. DocJames

    If only misinformation could be countered somehow, perhaps by spreading some information?

    Nah, too hard. (It might also demonstrate the misinformation is indeed correct, which would be unfortunate)

  4. silent_count

    RIP Gough Whitlam

    I was never his greatest fan but Australia is worse off with the passing of Mr Whitlam. Like Mussolini's corpse, left dangling in a servo, Mr Whitlam's political fate served as a warning to even the most out of touch politician.

    With the previous Labor and current Liberal governments both dealing in secret, against the interests of her citizens, I believe it's time Her Magesty got off Her backside and chucked out another government. The political class aren't very bright and need a constant reminder of whom they're obliged to serve.

  5. Winkypop Silver badge

    It will end in tears!


  6. Andrew Meredith

    If it's any consolation...

    ... we in the UK are fighting a comparable threat in the form of TTIP. It has all the same components as the TPP and the same underhanded regime of secret negotiations. It still beggars belief that the politicians even suspect that this *might* be good for their countries, rather than their corporate "Sponsors".

    1. Mark 65

      Re: If it's any consolation...

      TTIP/TPP are just polite terms for a contractual obligation you sign up to whereby you consent to allow the US and all its glorious corporations to fully jam you and your citizens in the ring-gear without even so much as a polite pulling up of your fiscal trousers afterwards.

  7. StephenH

    It's not the first time that Govt ministers have jumped on semantics. The extension of patent duration delays the time before drugs go down in price. It does not make them go up.

  8. Jim Ettles 1
    Thumb Down

    The list of participants should include US Big Business who have been consulted every step of the way. The only potential benefit for Australia appears to be in agricultural exports. the ruling coalition includes the National party dedicated to government of the people by the farmers for the farmers.

  9. Colin Tree

    Which of you black hatters can make it appear every Australian citizen has downloaded copyrighted material - maybe 23 million copies of Game of Thrones.

    The law is an ass

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