back to article The Flash lives up to its name with a fast-paced pilot full of potential

PILOT PREVIEW WITH VERY, VERY MILD SPOILERS ... Since Arrow has been such a success for DC Comics and Warner Bros Television, a spin-off has been created in the form of The Flash, Central City’s speedster superhero. After already testing the water with a little teaser in last season’s Arrow, Grant Gustin takes on the Barry …

  1. WonkoTheSane

    Fans will note several "Easter Eggs" when re-watching this.

    Buildings labelled "Stagg Industries", A busted animal cage with the sign "Grodd", etc.

  2. thomas k.

    different hero types

    It's interesting that, while Flash has superpowers and Arrow doesn't (sort of like Superman and Batman), Arrow apparently doesn't find this odd.

    Not being very familiar with the old comics, I had assumed Arrow had some sort of powers that came from somewhere and that his not having them in the was a departure made to ground things a bit more in reality.

    Anywho, grats to Mr Gustin for landing such a plum role.

  3. Craig 2

    Zoom, zoom, zoom!

  4. John Sanders
    Thumb Up

    I was suprised...

    That his is not a borefest like Smallville was, hey even my kids (Who have much higher standards than me) love it.

    Having said that, they could do with better acting, and I wonder how everybody in those shows is a teenager genius.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You know, "Gotham" is supposed to be very, very good...

    I haven't watched the "Adventures of Jim Gordon in pre-Batman Gotham City" series, but if you look at the reviews, the first season is one of the top 10 best shows on television here in the U.S.

  6. Tom Betz

    We're several episodes on here in the states...

    And so far, Iris hasn't succumbed to your fears. All in all, the series remains crackling.

    However, I suspect that I now know who really killed Barry's mother, but mum's the word for now.

    You didn't mention, though, the lovely casting choice CW producers made for Barry's unjustly-imprisoned father: John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen in the 1990 CBS TV series. A thoughtful touch.

  7. Chris Gray 1


    Here in Canada, like down in the USoA, we've had a few episodes of Flash and Gotham. I've been watching Arrow since it started, and likely will continue that with Flash. I usually don't remember such things, but when Barry Allen visited Starling City, I pretty soon realized he was the Flash (must be from having watched the previous Flash TV series).

    I stopped watching Gotham after 2 episodes. It seemed that the Penguin character was going to be the main star in Gotham, and, since he is a slightly-deformed psychopathic killer, I really wasn't interested. The future CatWoman is really cute though. :-)

  8. K

    I love Sky and the UK TV industry in general, they are on another level

    Really upping their game in the past few years, now over 90% of what they air is

    1) Something that has already been "available" online for 3-4 weeks

    2) Reality TV that portrays dregs as role models, or gives untalented has-been's another 5 minutes of fame

    3) Top gear repeats

    Which encouraged me to to have my Sky and Freeview disconnected, in the 3 years since then I have saved about £1800...

    So, I love the UK TV industry and want to say, thank you for being so shite, thank you for ensuring I finally got off my fat ass to get a life (and it was fat!) and thank you for ensuring I have enough money to have an extra holiday each year, god bless you!

    1. Zog_but_not_the_first

      Re: I love Sky and the UK TV industry in general, they are on another level

      I can see how cancelling Sky would save you money, but Freeview? Isn't there a clue in the name?

  9. JGMotek

    I'm enjoying this more than any of the other superhero/reboot shows except for the lamentable lack of acting skills on the part of Danielle Panabaker (Dr Snow). Everyone else seems well cast but she's very clearly acting and is not at all believable as any sort of scientific genius.

  10. Frankee Llonnygog

    Why are the men

    Wearing so much makeup?

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