back to article Space exploration is just so lame. New apps are mankind's future

What's more important: Angry Birds or the Space Shuttle? According to one Register reader, it's the former. No, really - and yes, it's time for Comment of the Week once again. Silver-badged reader Irongut opened this week's batting after weighing in on the news that Martha Lane Fox, or Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, doesn't like …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yay for badge.

    But it has to be a Golden Vulture poo one to distinguish it from the others.

    I don't know what that looks like, so you could get away with pretty much anything.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Yes to a GVD Badge

    Seems like a good idea and a suitable reward for commentary excellence.

    Perhaps expire them after, say, a month so that people don't rest on their laurels.

    1. DropBear

      Re: Yes to a GVD Badge

      +1 for the idea of not keeping them until the end of times (although a month might be a tad short)

      1. stephajn

        Re: Yes to a GVD Badge

        Wholeheartedly agree DropBear. One month is a bit short for such a prestigious award. I'd say three to six months max.

  3. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Another thumbs up for a badge.

    1. Cipher

      +1 for badges

  4. Martin 47

    ....... and another thumbs up for a badge.

    Perhaps, just to help out you understand, all those in favour could just up vote this post? ;-)

    .... although all those against can bugger off

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still waiting for my silver - alas :(

    Type your comment here ...

  6. Kit-Fox

    Badge? Sure, but.....

    Sure those who are awarded best commentard should get a badge, but it shouldnt be a bronze/silver or gold one as exist at the moment.

    It should a unique badge to highlight the users unique qualities. I think you already use red badges for the staff so perhaps a black one? (as in black sheep of the family)

  7. Long John Brass

    Badges? .... We don't need no stinking badges!

    Mainly cos I ain't got one :(

    1. Fungus Bob

      Re: Badges? .... We don't need no stinking badges!

      We don' need no steenkin' badges like we don' need no steenkin' pr0n...

      In other words, yes to badges (and pr0n).

  8. Schultz

    Bring on the badge...

    But the vulture droppings should gracefully decay with time, from gold ... to silver ... to bronze ... to whatever vulture poo is supposed to look like. The Fail OTW should get the ungilded version directly.

  9. CrazyLikeAFox

    Yay to two badges - twig and dropping.

  10. Bassey

    +1 to both Badges

  11. Havin_it

    Careful now

    As it's a potentially repeatedly winnable honour, how do you recognise repeated winners? Just keep piling the poo up until nobody can read jake's actual posts?

    <shrug> OK then.

  12. Havin_it
    Thumb Down

    The misfortune of intrigid

    ...was to post too near the top. Meanwhile, this gem on page 2 was largely overlooked.

  13. streaky


    Sad I missed that one. Fusion deniers are morons, it's a steady progress deal - we don't need to for war so can't throw military budgets at the problem - also makes the Manhattan project look like toddlers playing with duplo in terms of complexity and scope.

    Not for nothing but the most advanced fusion reactor is in the UK not at LLL or MIT or some other nonsense.

    Cold fusion on the other hand..

  14. Ben Bonsall

    Both twig and dropping +1

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