back to article FCC looks to boost next-gen wireless networks with 24GHz study

The FCC is opening up a probe into a possible new class of wireless broadband services which could improve mobile network performance and reliability in the US. The watchdog said that it would be examining the possibility of opening up very high frequency 24GHz spectrum space for use by future mobile broadband networks, …

  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    Some might not understand why we would want to deploy a bunch of short range, can-not-penetrate cells for a next-generation network. For those who want to know a bit more about why we might care, it seems one of my old articles might be relevant. It is available here.


  2. Crazy Operations Guy

    We wouldn't need as much bandwidth

    We wouldn't need to break into the upper frequencies if:

    *websites were designed properly and didn't push a bunch of junk phones can't understand

    *Advertisements didn't constantly attack your connection trying to download new data.

    *We settled on a single standard, no more of this WiMax vs HSPA, GSM vs. CDMA, etc. Preferably something royalty free.

    *Frequencies were allocated by location, not carrier (IE, a tower's antennas will receive all carrier's signals and separates them in the base station itself) along with my previous point, it could open up quite a lot of spectrum

    *Scrapped most of the analog radio and TV channels and instead pushed them over something like Multicast over HSPA+ and not require a license.

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