back to article Symantec's already virtually split, says letter to suppliers

Symantec's been preparing to split into two entities for about six months, according to a letter sent to the company's suppliers sighted by The Reg. The missive comes from Symantec's procurement team and explains that suppliers won't see any change in the company's behavior “until we complete the separation, which we expect to …

  1. DerekCurrie

    Symantec: Please Virtually Go Bankrupt and Virtually Disappear Forever

    I'm sick of the endless Symantec bad attitude toward everyone but itself. I'm sick of people being burned by their shoddy (IMHO) software and abusive, desperate marketing strategies. They've engulfed and eradicated or ruined countless superior competitor products, denigrating the computer community with their anti-competitive behavior. Just end it all Symantec and put us out of your misery. (IMHO of course).

    Give it up and let someone better than you fill in the niche.

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