back to article Experts brand LOHAN's squeaky-clean box

Amid all the LOHAN excitement over the last couple of weeks - which saw a right royal knees-up at Vulture Central, our audacious spaceplane mission crash-land on CNN and me apparently called "burly and bald" by Die Welt - we have actually been doing some real work ahead of our relocation to Spaceport America. LOHAN regulars …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Why don't they use the same procedure...

    With ebola patients coming into their country ?

    (It should kill all the bugs right ?)

    1. Alister

      Re: Why don't they use the same procedure...

      Yeah, we could brand them as well, so we know not to go near them...

    2. kmac499

      Re: Why don't they use the same procedure...

      No Need; Sadly identifiable patients are self heating...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Burly and bald

    I suggest that from when you start the next mission to when it's complete you don't cut your hair -- then you'll be described as a burly Rapunzel.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Burly and bald

      Or a Russell Brand. Not a good look, I submit.

  3. Kevin Johnston

    So LOHAN has another tattoo....where's the story?

    1. ISYS

      It's a tattoo on LOHAN's box and there is a photo of it online.

      Sorry, still not a story

  4. imanidiot Silver badge

    Good stuff

    Things must be kicking into high gear over at the SPB shack with the shipping day getting closer and closer!

  5. Pirate Dave Silver badge


    I've been busy the past month or two and haven't had time to keep up with LOHAN, but geez, it sure has grown. CNN, Die Welt, corporate sponsors, and Lester now a TV celebrity? Hard to believe this started with paper straws, pressboard and hot melt glue so many years ago...

    Congrats and beers all around (since I know that's where it REALLY started).

  6. John Gamble

    A Little Extra Bit Of Information

    For those who are wondering why the heat treatment is required on the shipping boxes, see the links here on the asian long-horned beetle and the emerald ash borer.

  7. Sebastian Brosig

    Sorry to burst the bubble

    ..but "Die Welt" is a rag of little more worth than your much-derided publication the "Daily Mail" in this country. OK maybe a tiiiiny bit more, maybe halfway between the mail and the Telegraph.

    Ex-German speaking here, OK I'll get my coat.

    1. SkippyBing

      Re: Sorry to burst the bubble

      And have you been in the Daily Mail?

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Sorry to burst the bubble

      Strangely, while listening to a SciFi audiobook in the car on Friday, one of the lines was "...and the guy from a British Tech rag..." and I immediately thought of ElReg and pictured Lester at the press shindig :-)

  8. kmac499

    Voyage of Discovery continues..

    Well "Team Lohan" when you cast you're collective mind back to that evening in the pub when someone said "I know what we can do next...." (name witheld to protect the guilty)

    I'll bet you never thought you'd learn all about 'oven ready shipping boxes' and a thousand and one other things..

    May the Force be with you All...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    US import regulations.

    They have long fascinated me. There is a border of several thousand miles with Mexico, a couple of ocean coastlines which can't be terribly well policed (drugs, Florida), and the border with Canada. But border controls at airports are another matter.

    I once sat next to an unfortunate Spanish woman on a flight to Houston who had been asked by her relatives to bring some "proper bread" with her. Five loaves of it. Then she got the landing card.

    For the last hour of the flight she was stuffing herself with the loaf she had in carry on so not all of it would be wasted.

    Remember folks, foreign bread might be full of all kinds of pathogens. Or seeds which, if planted, might possibly germinate and threaten a Monsanto patented field. In the meantime, pack everything in compressed fibre board.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: US import regulations.

      Lester hasn't said yet, but I have feeling that this box is too big for checked baggage. Or maybe not if you pay the premium.

      1. SkippyBing

        Re: US import regulations.

        In a past life I worked for an oil well service company. Some countries we worked in had significantly more Kafkaesque customs regulations than others, to the extent it was easier for personnel to take equipment in their luggage rather than going through official import channels. The worst I'm personally aware of, i.e. saw happen, was some poor sod taking most of a rack mounted computer system as his 'luggage' to Bangladesh. Fortunately the company reimbursed the $1000+ excess baggage charge before his credit card bill came...

  10. Triple-J

    From Las Cruces

    If you need any help from this end, give a holler. Among other things, I know one of the guys that does scientific balloon launches, I can recommend hotels, and, most importantly, suggest places where you might want to have a beer or 5. And chile. You can't come to New Mexico without having green and/or red chile.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes, please don't bring any ebola into the U.S.

    We have our own airlines to do that!!

  12. CmdrX3

    I'm curious Lester

    Did you even realise the enormity of this project when you started out or were you thinking, "plane with a rocket hanging off a balloon..... no sweat, I'll throw one together in a year or so".

  13. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    I'll toast you from my Lohan tankard...

    ...when it arrives.

    Anyone got theirs yet? I gather the mugs have been dispatched from comments elsewhere.

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