Inappropriate adverts?

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  1. as2003

    Inappropriate adverts?

    It seems that 2/3 of page loads on El Reg now show me adverts for Thaimatches dot com, featuring a particularly be-cleavaged young lass.

    It's not my place to dictate how you bring in the dollars, but I can't help feeling they are inappropriate for the register, in terms of content as well as aesthetics.

    Just my two cents.

    1. Drewc Gold badge

      Re: Inappropriate adverts?

      Updated: We have blocked domain.

      It sounds like a Google ad - and I am not sure how this slipped the net - we ban whole classes of Google ads (including nappy / diaper ads). I am not sure if we we have enough info to block this one. If you see it again please send us a screenshot to webmaster

  2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Dear El Reg

    Isn't it about time you had a report ad button, as a way to catch mis-behaving ads? There are quite a few of them, and it's bad for your reputation - and yet does no harm to the reputation of the unknown ad network that foisted them on you. Your button should push a complaint to you for action, and maybe copy in the network as well - to let them know they're pissing off potential customers. Maybe the final ad client as well?

    You had that O2 campaign a few months ago that went wrong. Yet you were contracted to run the bugger for a whole week - and it made the site un-visitable. I did read a few stories in whichever browser I found the ads didn't bugger up (my iPad I think). Obviously a nice report to the ad network had no effect - why would they give a fuck, it was your reputation that got damaged? But a few grumpy and possibly pithy comments from El Reg commentards via a complaint button may have woken O2 up to the damage they were doing their own brand image. Even if not, it would have allowed a few of your denizens a chance to have a good old vent. Satisfying at least.

    P.S. - I see no cleavage. I have a chap in a polo shirt, and an odd constipated expression with a cat and an O2 logo. He's apparently an O2 Guru.

    1. Drewc Gold badge

      Re: Dear El Reg

      Any time there is a misbehaving ad we get to hear about it PDQ - via Twitter, our journos, complaints to various email addresses including to the MD. This is not a common problem Mostly we stop the ad, report it to the media buying agency who then go back to the creative agency (often owned by a different group). 02 was the only example i can think of where this did not work.

      Inappropriate ads probably happen more frequently - and they could be anywhere. As I said these have slipped through the category blocks that we have in place with Google. But once spotted they are very easy to switch off.

  3. as2003

    I'm in Australia so that probably affects what I see.

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