back to article EU Competition chief: So what if I didn't tame Google? You're all 'irrational' anyway

Europe’s unelected competition czar has signed off with a sour burp aimed at his elected critics in Parliament. "I don't think antitrust investigations should be part of the conventional political debates," Joaquín Almunia complains in the Wall Street Journal. He was quizzed on his failure to deal with Google, a case which …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Almunia’s office had amassed a mountain of evidence on the Californian data-processing giant, but Almunia declined to launch a formal investigation, preferring to cut a back room deal. Almunia and Google chairman Eric Schmidt had kept in close contact via text message, but the former Spanish trade union economist has declined attempts to reveal what they discussed."

    Nothing to see here! Hey, look at that!

  2. Khaptain Silver badge

    Who is pure enough ?

    I can't think of many people that would turn down what I presume Google would offer as "niceties" in order that the various decisions be held back, postponed, upset etc...

  3. Anomalous Cowshed

    I think...

    I can sum it up neatly while at the same time maybe turning things to my advantage a bit:

    "Come here, now. I too want to investigate you. And I'll settle for half of what he got."

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    > That earned Almunia a telling-off from MEPs.

    Really, this is amateur league; the EU should look to the UK for what unelected politicos are able to do. Their lordships would never stand for a ticking off by the other house, even for the most banal soundbites..

  5. joekhul

    More Anti-Google Nonsense from the Freetards at El Reg

    So now US elected Officials are the standard for ethics and morals in this world?

    Give me a effin' break.

    The anti-Google hate is strong on this site. All the freetards are upset because a business chooses to make money (go figure).

    Let's examine what some of these 'charges' against Google - To not allow autocomplete to prevent any suggestions of illegal activities. HOOO-kay, freetards. That sounds like the man is trying to limit your access to free speech. Are we going to allow people to search for what they want or are we going to curb that. ANd what and whom is going to determine what a suggestion of 'illegal activity' is? Sounds like a slippery slope freetards... You sure you want to go down it?

    What about some of the EU's issues. Not promoting others services above it's own. Hmmm.... So mercedes should advertise for Toyota in it's vehicles, commercials and brochures? Or maybe ever shop should be forced to advertise for their comp;etitiors and suggest their services before their own. Mind you, google carries all their competitors services, the competition just whines because it wants to be ranked first (even though most of the 'competition' that has complained are just crummy spam sites that link to nothing relevant).

    Freetards want everything free and to pay nothing in return. Long live the Freetards @ El Reg. Down with Google!!

  6. Anonymoist Cowyard

    Get ELOP in there.

    As obviously, he is now at a loose end, and it would be a great new trojan job for him.

  7. Daggerchild Silver badge

    Omission here, a shading there, a line of three supporters where

    A tale is told, opinions old, to paint a picture, evil's lair.

    "Beware" said he, "Defenders, thee art agents of a monster vile!",

    "How dare you say within its shadows, monsters might not lurk in guile".

  8. esque

    "the subject of antitrust investigations on five continents: the EU, the USA, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Argentina and Brazil."

    Now, let's count:

    EU - Europe

    USA, Canada - North America

    Taiwan, South Korea, India - Asia

    Argentina, Brazil - South America

    That's four.

    So, what is the fifth continent?

    It can't be Africa or Australia, as no country from these is mentioned.

    So it has to be Antarctica, which several countries claim as theirs. Right?

    1. Daggerchild Silver badge

      India, probably

      But I hear Atlantis is taking issue with Google applying for tax residence there.

  9. Ole Juul


    If Almunia is correct, then a lot of regulators are being "defensive” and "irrational" everywhere all at once.

  10. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Non, je ne regrette rien

    It's your fault anyway.

    What's the next stop on the gravy train?

  11. Alan Denman

    ALl about Microsoft and Apple

    who want to take Google down a peg or two.

    Google trespassed on their Duopoly so this is yet another revenge attempt

  12. Cipher
    Big Brother

    New take on an old saw...

    Privacy invasions doth never prosper: what's the cause? Why if they prosper, none dare call them bad laws.

    Apologies to Harrington...

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