back to article Beers all round as Vulture 2 lands in Blighty

The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team has just about recovered from a lively night last Friday at Vulture Central, which saw mission sponsors, Register hacks and a select group of our individual Kickstarter backers mix it up with the international press. The spaceplane landed in Blighty a couple of weeks back …

  1. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    Mug arrived this morning

    Really good stuff! Ta.

    But I was a bit confused trying to remember what I might have ordered online that I had to "wash before using"

  2. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

    You served becks at this event? I'm cancelling my subscription forthwith.

    1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

      Oh, c'mon. Give 'em a break.

      They had to get rid of the stuff somehow.

      My flying suit now has a mission patch --->

  3. Pypes

    It was such a good night, my liver is having counseling for PTSD.

    I also managed to make a ton of mess in El Reg's spotless swanky offices, so it was well worth the trip.

  4. Carbon life unit 5,232,556

    Vulture and

    a couple of bald eagles?

  5. ukgnome

    The company post grump....

    ...delivered my mug straight to my desk. It will never see a beverage, but it does look the absolute tits with my screwdriver in it.

  6. JetSetJim Silver badge

    Other coverage:

    International Business Times (also scraped into Yahoo!!!):

    3D-Printing Industry coverage:

    Keep up the good work, chaps!

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Other coverage:

      And here too:

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Other coverage:

        There's more

        Not worth visiting both links as the wording is exactly the same.

  7. Triple-J

    Looking forward to everyone coming to Las Cruces! We're having gorgeous weather, very conducive to outdoor imbibing.

  8. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    Photo #6

    Lester appears to be sporting a proper Boffin Lab Coat. However, I see no sign of the requisite accompanying pipe.

    Well done one and all! Can't wait to see/hear of your exploits on this side of the pond. Unfortunately, New Mexico is rather too far for a quick road trip so I'll have to make do with internet coverage. In any case, I raise my glass to your intrepid adventure.

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Photo #6

      I give you one pipe:

      1. Peter Simpson 1

        Re: Photo #6

        Something about reading about rockets in German gives me shivers up the spine...

      2. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

        Re: Photo #6

        Danke! Sehr gut! Sie sehen nun wie ein richtige Boffin *

        * Please be gentle. I know my German is awful.

    2. mtp

      Re: Photo #6

      The famed pipe was present and I can confirm that it was sitting on the table just before that bottle of becks appeared.

  9. Peter Simpson 1

    Each tankard tested for functionality before shipping

    So many tankards to test, send the intern out for more beer!

  10. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Here's hoping you can get it back into the box after the night revelry. BTW, any word yet on a launch date?

  11. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

    I need to speak to your engineers

    I can see old style NiMih batteries in that rocket which could be replaced by lipo batteries, saving you about 20% in battery weight. Which may be a lot when battries are probably the heaviest thing in your rocket.

    not being a rocket scientest I'm assuming that weight reduction is key here ?

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: I need to speak to your engineers

      The batteries are of a very specific and carefully chosen type. The LOHAN boffins have learned through experience few batteries keep working in the chilly upper atmosphere.

      1. imanidiot Silver badge

        Re: I need to speak to your engineers

        Addendum, as I've just looked it up. They are Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. So not NiMhs (Which are crap for HAB flights as many balloonists have found out).

        1. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.
          Thumb Up

          Re: I need to speak to your engineers

          Excellent I stand corrected!

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. AstroNutter

    Drunken playmonaught?

    So the tankards do exist. Wonder how long until they try to deliver? I was going to raise a glass for this, but I have no glass to raise!

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