back to article Salesforce and Microsoft to unleash integrations ... next year

SaaS superpower Salesforce has revealed the details of its cloudy collaboration with Microsoft, and the main detail is that the fruits of the relationship won't be delivered until deep into 2015. Redmond's corporate veep for Windows marketing Tony Prophe appeared alongside Salesforce supremo Marc Benioff at the latter company' …

  1. ecofeco Silver badge

    Is this the end of Salesforce?

    Anyone else think this is not good move for Salesforce considering Microsoft's record of eventual abandonment?

  2. Ian Moyse
    Black Helicopters

    Keep your Enemies Closer

    Is this smart on MS side of Salesforces ?

    MS reps will be using this against Salesforce deals and Salesforce reps will angle the same and that this is MS realising SFDC is the dominent platform.

    Meanwhile both will continue to allay to customers that CRM success is all about the software alone, whereas a huge % is the implementation to your business needs, supplier expertise and relationship and with both of these large vendors any CRM implementation will come from 3rd parties, some good some not and most expensive.

    Good real world independent feedback from customers of both systems is freely available at G2 Crowds website.

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