back to article Gotham gets the Smallville treatment with Jim Gordon in lead role

There’s something painfully earnest about American-made TV pilots, as they shoe-horn so many of the upcoming season’s characters into a meagre 40 or so minutes that hardly anyone gets to say a word. The whole process of basically begging one of the big TV houses to give you the money to craft the few nuggets of golden (or at …

  1. KBeee

    Lucky that all these Psychos are all young kids.. and there's Dark Daylight.. Ever heard of Crap Dark Cliches? CDC's for short... Ooooh! It's SO Dark!!!

    1. NoneSuch Silver badge

      Three shows in and they've gone and done something I didn't expect; a good job.

      Yes, she's a comic book character, IT WAS a comic book. But, it is Batman without Batman and doing fine so far.

      Let's not pass judgement until the season is over.

  2. Yugguy

    i like scifi and superhero stuff

    But this doesnt appeal to me at all.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: i like scifi and superhero stuff

      Don't think of it as superhero stuff. If that's what you're looking for, look somewhere else.

      It's about a lone do-gooder's fight against a corrupt system, set against a film noir backdrop.

      On those terms it's quite good actually.

      1. Oninoshiko

        Re: i like scifi and superhero stuff

        I think AC nailed it. It's really not Batman, it's not about Batman. It's a different, tangential story set in the same city. <del>Chicago</del> Gotham really works well for for a film noir style detective story, you've got a decent cop, surrounded by corruption. He's going to get dirty, but he's still a good guy, and will do it for the right reasons.

  3. John Gamble

    Before They Reached Their Peak

    Comparing this to Smallville is definitely damning it with faint praise. At least this show isn't littered with people who can't act pretending they're still teenagers.

    It's a bit early to make a judgement here. Yeah, the future Catwoman isn't a very good pickpocket yet, but that's probably because she's still a kid. I'm more interested in how they're sorting out the characters from Gotham Central that they're using -- Bullock, Montoya, and Allen were all fully-drawn characters, and I'm just hoping that they're not being used as cliched antagonists (unfortunately, after only three episodes, I'm already concerned about how they're using Montoya).

  4. mIRCat

    Won't somebody think of the foreshadowing!?

    And the children of course. The moment young Master Bruce starts drawing bats in his "dark doodles" I think I may call it quits on the series. As it is I worry about how early they're trying to cram everything in instead of carefully drawing things out and giving fans clues along the way. Why give a subtle nod and a wink when a nod and a shout will do, right?

    As for children being poor pickpockets, perhaps you should reread Oliver Twist. A young crim with cat-like reflexes shouldn't have to break a sweat performing her craft.

  5. Shaun 2

    It has potential........ The second episode was a bit meh, but Balloonman was not too bad. Looking forward to more Penguin, as he really does stand out.

    I was also very impressed by The Flash pilot - It's a definite huge step up from Arrow.

    1. Fibbles

      I quite liked The Flash pilot. Having never watched Arrow I found the crossover to be confusing and, well, pretty cheesy. It was definitely the low point of an otherwise decent pilot.

  6. Irongut

    So is this going to be yet another awful US "teen" drama like Smallville or will it be worth watching?

    I'm not holding my breath.

  7. User McUser

    The worst part of the show for me is the Bruce Wayne plot line. It's a forgone conclusion that he's going to be Batman so I really could not care less about what he's getting up to at home - is he all moody and brooding and upset that his parents died? Well great, thanks for the foreshadowing I guess.

  8. Fibbles

    Three episodes in...

    And I still can't decide if I like this show or not.

    The Jim Gordon focus is interesting but the writers really need to flesh out the rest of the Gotham PD ASAP if they want to continue down the police procedural route. Harvey Bullock (Gordon's partner,) especially is in desperate need of rounding out so that he's not just a one dimensional jobsworth.

    Fish Mooney's sole purpose in the show seems to be to provide everyone with convenient answers. I'd much rather see less of her and more actual detective work.

    The whole Barbara Gordon thread just seems to be descending into 90210. I realise that comic book wives/girlfriends are usually just there to look pretty and listen to the protagonist's monologues when they get home and I appreciate that the writers have tried to make her more than that. Still, her storyline so far just feels so out of place in comparison to the rest of the show.

    The main reasons I'm still watching are Falcone, the gloriously old school mob boss, and Penguin who's storyline is going from strength to strength.

  9. CrazyLikeAFox

    On the broadcast timing....

    Ignoring the show itself and focusing on the release - I see that its another case of a show that is showed on US networks first, torrents second and broadcast in other countries later. How does that story go? I think I have heard it before.....

    1. montyburns56

      Re: On the broadcast timing....

      Well usually all the impatient children start throwing tantrums because they can't wait a few weeks for it to be broadcast in the UK.

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