back to article Weekend reads: So, Anyway..., Anger is an Energy and Smoke Gets in your Eyes

El Reg bookworm Mark Diston reviews the latest tantalising tomes. There's a battle of the autobiographies going on, with comic genius John Cleese up against music's enfant terrible John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten – we'll see who gets the last laugh here. We've also a surprisingly entertaining insight on the life of a mortician, …

  1. Chris Miller

    Dealing with flashers

    “Whatcha think of this honey?” “Well man, I think you’re going to have to do better”

    Missing the chance for the classic response: "It looks like a penis, only smaller".

  2. Frankee Llonnygog

    I hadn't realised that

    Michael Palin was John Cleese's mother

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Being on holiday last week I treated myself to some breakfast telly and saw an interview with John Lydon. The hosts mentioned Vivienne Westood. Now I can't remember word for word what Lydon said but the female host was quite taken aback..

    No need to remember, about 05:30 into this

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