back to article Toys fly from prams as HP rivals stoke FUD fires on its split

It's handbags at dawn in the PC market as rivals round on HP in a bid to sow the seeds of fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding the corporation’s plan to split the business in two. As world + dog knows, the Palo Alto titan is to create HP Inc to house its computer and printing businesses, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to sell …

  1. Otto is a bear.

    I'm so excited

    As an HP customer, I've been loosing sleep with the excitement over HP splitting. NOT!

    Why do these companies think their customers get excited about their corporate engineering, I doubt any HP employees are excited either, I suspect they really are loosing sleep over where their jobs will be in the next 12 months.

    All I can say, if this excites HP execs, then they must be really sad people. They also must be a bit limited, if they can't run a conglomerate properly, which makes you wonder how they got their jobs in the first place. Oh and don't forget this isn't the first time HP has split its business, they divested themselves of their test and sensor equipment business, Agilent some years ago.

    Just in case anyone wonders what the point of a conglomerate is, well when one part of the business is doing badly another is doing well, so returns are always Ok, year after year, but no one gets rich quickly.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: I'm so excited

      so returns are always Ok, year after year, but no one gets rich quickly.

      apart from the BOD that is.

      Where is the snouts in the trough icon then you need one????

    2. Ralph B

      Re: I'm so excited

      > I've been loosing sleep

      How do you loose sleep? By slipping Rohypnol in someone's drink?

      Or have you actually been losing sleep?

  2. Sandtitz Silver badge


    Nothing new here. Competitors bashing competition with subjective statements and FUD trying to woo customers.

    Lenovo is the leader in PC market share according to latest reports. Is this because they didn't have the IBM server biz or despite of it?

    Mike Dell ridiculed HP for paying too much for 3PAR - Dell offered $32 per share and HP won the bid with a $33 per share offer according to Wikipedia. Sour grapes all around.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Dan Paul

    Typical HP Corporate Decisions

    This is another blunder by Whitman. Trying to emulate Carly Fiorina is not wise at any rate even if it satisfies stockholders.

    If there is nothing left of HP because of Whitmans cuts and splits, then the shareholders are SOL anyway.

  4. HarryBl

    They could call one company HP and the other Compaq...

  5. Jay108

    All we care about is "does it work?", "is it reliable?", "does it do what we need it to do?" and "does it come with support?".

    Not sure what partners HP are talking to but it doesn't sound like us or any other partner we've spoken to. Maybe the former board of Enron is now in the channel?

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