back to article Adobe unveils mobile app Cloud Atlas

Adobe’s Creative Cloud obsession hasn’t won over all its users, especially those with memories that stretch back as far as May this year when Adobe ID login credentials were refused in most parts of the globe. Yet the graphics behemoth has been busy joining the dots to make its Creative Cloud platform appear alluring to anyone …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Creative Cloud

    Adobe Cloud is like wanting to subscribe to a single magazine but being forced to subscribe to every magazine the company produces. And if you stop paying they come and take back all the magazines that you've previously bought.

    Lock-in to a subscription model surely needs investigating by the authorities.

  2. Jim Willsher

    I have a legal, purchased copy of CS6. I purchased it as a registered charity, of which I'm a trustee, and I paid the princely sum of £120 for Design and Web Premium CS6

    I have absolutely no viable upgrade options, since Adobe wants about £70/month for CS7. So 2 months into a subscription and I'll have already paid more than I paid for CS6. No thanks, Adobe, I'll stay with CS6. You can keep Cash Cow.

  3. Syntax Error

    Apple should Buy Adobe

    I wish Apple would buy adobe. They could intergrate it into OS X.

    1. Double Dip

      Re: Apple should Buy Adobe

      That would pay for itself within a year surely it would create an exodus of windows users.

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