back to article Best Buy preps for a Hero4 welcome just in time for Christmas

US retail giant Best Buy is anticipating bumper sales of GoPro's Hero4 products, which are set for release on Sunday. Best Buy has tripled the amount of space GoPro gizmos take up in 500 of its stores, according to the Associated Press, so as it can start promoting the video camera maker's latest product line in the run up to …

  1. inverse137

    Ahh....Christmas....that wonderful time of year where Americans validate their love for people by throwing cash at them.

    ...or maybe it's just their love of cash.

  2. Haku

    4k? Nah I'm not buying in to that.

    They'll only come out with an 8k camera next year just to get everyone to re-buy their equipment all over again at nearly double the cost.

  3. larokus

    I see the somewhat eery future

    Where the big box retailers shelves are completely stocked with thousands of only the top 5 selling products.

    It sounds so creepy I'm ordering online so as to avoid having to look.

  4. tony2heads

    is it only me

    I saw that as a 'Herod' welcome for Christmas.

    For those unfamiliar with the Bible: lots of fury ending in slaughter

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Selfie stick with your 4?

    I think Douglas Adams would have had something to say about the arrival of that device.

  6. Panimu

    I don't really understand why this is a story ..

  7. Chris Evans

    GoPro camera shap

    For camera's that don't need a viewfinder screen on them why don't they make them in other shapes?

    A cylindrical shape would be a lot easier to mount in some ciurcumstances and less obtrusive

    1. kphair

      Re: GoPro camera shap

      And you can imagine where THEY would end up!

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