A dream, (for me), device.

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    A dream, (for me), device.

    So anyway, for a long while I have had an inkling for *nix based device. Something that can be thrown around a fair wee bit. Relatively cheap (no more than 300 quid). WIth replaceable slots so if wifi standards change, I can swap it out.

    Something in the vein of a Husky Hunter or Z88. The emphasis being on the typing ability, not touch or a mouse.

    So ideally:

    A Z88 style format. No hinges, but a similar keyboard that is nice to type on given the size.

    A simple screen that shows text, 132 or 80 column depends on the screen and readbility I guess. Not bothered about graphics as I want a shell only on that screen, BUT it can have a DVI port so I can plug it in and use X or whatever when I am in a suitable place, USB, obviously, so I can plug in a mouse in that scenario.

    The ability to fit a small form Hard drive would be ok, but I could handle SD only if needed.

    Ethernet port.

    Am I the only one who would find such a thing ideal?

    I was thinking that it may be possible to build something similar using, say, a Pi base. Could even be a kit form that you just stick you pi into. Not being into hardware hacking in any way, reckon this could be done and any pointers?

    Or is there such a device already that is used in more specialist circles that already exists?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: A dream, (for me), device.

      No one?

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