back to article Google promises MORE CHOCOLATE to squish Chrome bugs

Google has announced an uptick to what it'll pay for Chrome bugs, under its bug bounty program. The Chocolate Factory's bumping up the top published payment under the bounty to US$15,000 (while noting that for particularly spectacular bugs it's been known to pay out as much as US$30,000 under the old rules). The starting price …

  1. R 16

    Dear Google

    I didnt even read the article.

    The title says it all. They want security. However, they will never compare to Firefox.

    Firefox is given a program from the government to test for security flaws. On top of that, Firefox has its own team of security researchers and does most of their own. However, they too do offer bounty programs for flaws.

    The Point. Offer all the money you want. I doubt any hackers have interest in helping Google out. You can get more money doing other things of interest.

    1. Mr.Mischief

      Re: Dear Google

      Didn't even read your comment.

      Have a downvote anyway

  2. DrSpudz


    I tracked down a bug in Chrome and reported it, but they marked it as a duplicate of an existing bug report. That existing bug report did NOT exist within the system. They then implemented my suggested fix verbatim and I did not receive a penny! Thanks for nothing Google, what a scam!

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