back to article Enough with the rack-grappling, kids. Try this MYSTERY app

The organisers of the ISC Student Cluster Competitions (here's a quick guide on how these HPC battles work) are a wily bunch. Theirs was the first competition to throw a “mystery application” at the student teams, forcing them to optimise an unfamiliar workload on the fly. The teams only have a few hours to learn the mystery …

  1. Khaptain


    Simply excellent competition, I thoroughly envy not being in a position to participate in these kinds of events. Huge learning opportunity, lots of nice gadgets to "play" with and to top it off an excellent choice of missions requiring some good logic, quick thinking and all that mixed in with a nice dose of utility.

    Kudos to all concerned.

  2. Elmer Phud

    No worries

    As long as it's only younger people involved they ought to have little problems with the mystery app.

    After all, they've had several Christmasses of opening parcels and binning any instructions with the wrapping paper.

    "How does this work? Dunno, I'll try this first and see what happens."

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