back to article Database virtualisation outfit Delphix: Lotsa dosh, few competitors

Production data copier and virtualiser Delphix says it makes the provision of largely structured data to non-production applications a heck of a lot easier, claiming it speeds it up from days or weeks to minutes. The company's software receives a copy of production data and stores it in server engines: servers with direct- …

  1. @miketrap

    Real Copy Data Virtualization

    Have to call foul on the characterization of Actifio as some kind of backup appliance. Please, guys. The vast majority of our customers today leverage the platform in a use case beyond business resiliency, typically business agility (i.e. Dev/Test) or cloud mobility (i.e., making application data more readily accessible to cloud-based compute resources.)

    Actifio is the only true infrastructure- and use case-agnostic platform for copy data virtualization. We created the category... and while there are certainly other vendors out there with point solutions that take a similar approach (Delphix for Dev/Test, CommVault for Backup...) nobody does what we do.

    Let's keep it real here. Thanks.

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