back to article Linux? Bah! Red Hat has its eye on the CLOUD – and it wants to own it

Not content with running the industry's largest enterprise Linux vendor, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst says he wants to make the company the industry's leading enterprise cloud vendor – and he plans to "win" that market before someone else does. "Right now, we're in the midst of a major shift from client-server to cloud-mobile. …

  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    HP disagrees

    Maybe not officially I suppose but some folks I talked to on the side said while Red Hat wants to be the leader, Openstack is a different beast from Linux, and they don't believe at least that Red Hat has the resources to do it (right) in part because there's a lot of integration work needed at the hardware level.

    I remember when Red hat touted they were the #1 contributor to openstack (and had recently suprassed Rackspace at the time I believe - a year or 18 months ago I forget), now HP is the #1 contributor, though you could say almost neck and neck with redhat ( I don't track Openstack closely just had to look it up.

    HP thinks they will remain the king of open stack, I suppose time will tell.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: HP disagrees

      Wait, what... *HP* says somebody doesn't have the ability to do something technical right?

      Now there's the pot calling the kettle black.

      1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        Re: HP disagrees

        Red Hat has the ability, but probably not the resources. HP has the resources, but suffers from "fucking retarded" syndrome, and hence doesn't have the ability.

        Resources can be acquired. You can't cure stupid.

    2. rjmx

      Re: HP disagrees

      > and they don't believe at least that Red Hat has the resources to do it (right)

      I don't believe that Red Hat has the resources (or even the will) to do *anything* right. The only thing they seem to be good at is producing badly-written implementations of poorly-thought-out concepts, usually by individuals who have the social skills of a newt.

      Examples (over the years):




  2. zen1

    News flash

    When will the morons learn that the cloud isn't secure?

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: News flash

      When the clouds come the sun doesn't shine. Still, some will make money doing forecasts and others by making umbrellas.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: News flash

      "The cloud" is secure as any internet facing machine. The amount of juicy stuff stored in a single "cloud" means a hack affects a lot more people but that doesn't actually change how secure something is.

      If you're worried about someone getting hold of your naked selfies don't put them on anything connected to the internet full stop.

    3. Dazed and Confused

      Re: When will the morons learn that the cloud isn't secure?

      Not all clouds are public clouds.

      Many companies will run their own private ones,

      1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

        Re: When will the morons learn that the cloud isn't secure?

        Ah yes those private clouds.

        IMHO, most CTO's want to get rid of the costly IT Infrastructure that they have to house. To them, the idea of Azure etc is like a wet dream coming true. They can ditch those datacentres and put lots of $$$$ etc on the bottom line. If you talk about a private cloud you get shown the door pretty quickly.

        A private cloud is in their eyes, just a re-config of their current set of servers.

        Personally, any company that puts its data out there on AWS etc is asking for trouble and it should be made one of the things that go in their Annual Reports and other public documents. Then I'd probably not invest in them.

        Clouds drop their payload and you are left with a clear sky.

        Doing things like POC's etc are a good use of cloud services.

        Yes I don't like Clouds. I get pissed upon when out on my Bike.

  3. nematoad Silver badge

    No surprise there then

    "And then there's Microsoft, which has outlined its own vision of a "cloud OS" – naturally, powered 100 per cent by its own, proprietary software."

    Well what do you expect?

    As far as I can see MS has a couple of problems.

    1) Greed and a desire for control. Though they take second place in that to Apple.

    2) A deep seated sense that the stuff that they turn out is not as good as stuff offered by their rivals.

    It probably never occurs to the people at the top of MS that there are benefits to working cooperatively and that trying to grab everything for yourself is not always going to work in your favour.

    So of course they are going for a total "own brand" proprietary route. That seems to be the only way they know how to work.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: No surprise there then

      "2) A deep seated sense that the stuff that they turn out is not as good as stuff offered by their rivals."

      I can't think why - did you know Azure is on target to overtake AWS for revenue soon? And already makes a larger profit...

  4. phil dude

    secure, simple and reliable

    three words I do not associate with cloud.

    And I'm a fan-penguin...


  5. Reg T.

    Red Hat might as well

    concentrate on the cloud, given the lastest Linux from them.

    Systemd + Gnome latest. Or, better put - the Anti-Linux.

    Ironic if RedHat accomplishes what Microsoft couldn't at Novell.

  6. Alistair

    Gnome is terrible of late.

    But who the hell installs desktop code on server hardware?

    systemd *shudder* but I haven't tangled with rhel7 yet. 6 still suffices for now. I don't relish digging into startup issues on hosts where we spawn 15 or 20 apache instances because the app teams are lazy, and have to coordinate that and the application instances.

    On my work laptop, KDE, not gnome and fedora20. And I get to work on my systemd paranoia.

    Gentoo is still my personal preference.

    I rather like the bits of CloudForms I've seen in the presentations. It rather looks to me like they could do very very good things with the ideas there.

    (grumpy old guy, cause thats just me these days)

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