back to article Bargain basement iPhone shoppers BEWARE! eBay exposes users to phishing vuln

eBay bans the use of cross-site scripting on the online tat bazaar because it can open up the site's users to nasty phishing vulnerabilities. And yet, according to the BBC, some auction listings have been exposed to the exploit since February this year. Some users hunting for old iPhones could have been caught up in the …

  1. Paratrooping Parrot

    No incentive to close phishing

    With eBay, it's all about profit. They will just blame the consumer for falling for phishing attacks.

    I remember once telling Lloyds that I have received a text message that was claiming to be from Lloyds. I don't bank with them. They just said "ignore it". There seems to be no incentive for big companies to do anything about them. The "crime fighting" authorities don't want to investigate because there is no incentive for them to, unlike the way they do everything to fight piracy.

  2. Elmer Phud

    As expected

    New iCandy

    iDroids need iCandy

    Ad's go on EBay



    Pure trolling (shiny fishing lures dragged behind boat)


  3. Congmen003

    Do You Mean I Can't Trust eBay Anymore!

    I've been giving eBay my personal financial information for years.

    How can I not trust a big faceless online auction company with my online banking needs?

    eBay really cares about their customer's personal privacy and money!

  4. Greencat

    Been going on for months

    ...and affecting all kinds of listings not just iWotsits. In short if anything desirable seems a bit cheap, there's a reasonable chance you'll encounter one of these redirects (maybe one in a few hundred listings in my experience).

    I have submitted a few to eBay myself - but they seem uninterested on the whole.

    One fix is to disable javascript on listings.

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