back to article Troll or thief? User claims Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto dox sabotage

An internet user has claimed to have hacked the email account of the entity thought to be behind the Bitcoin - Satoshi Nakamoto -and has offered to release personal details for $12,000. Nothing is known about the identity of the claimed hacker and there is little evidence that they had details of Nakamoto to hand. Evidence …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Dox" is written correctly.

  2. Jonathan 29

    Un-Unknown hacker

    Rival hackers posted the identity and contact information of the hacker and the hacker's entire family on pastebin yesterday. Bitcoin really brings the scum to the surface.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Un-Unknown hacker

      The LULZ is strong with this one.

    2. phil dude

      Re: Un-Unknown hacker

      Love of <insert currency> is root of all evil....?

      Although according to the US, it is not a currency, so...


      1. Jonathan 29

        Re: Un-Unknown hacker

        Every single day Bitcoin reminds me why markets need regulation. Scam after scam after scam.

  3. Ole Juul

    Hillbilly Hackers

    From the remote hills of the internet.

  4. batfastad

    scree shots

    "scree shots"

    Like proper rough hardcore dirty filth?

  5. JCitizen

    Let's face it..

    The powers that be don't like Bitcoin because it cuts out the middle man, and gubbamints everywhere don't like it because it cuts them out too! Long live Bitcoin! Or whatever succeeds it! HA!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I invented a variant

    Of Bitcoin, based on actual real value along the same lines as Folding@home.

    Effectively a given unit of computing power ie 100Tflops is given a value, and a further value based on the usefulness of the data ie protein folding for Alzheimers or cancer is given a higher value.

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