back to article Gaming supremo creates maps that turn real world into Sim City

Ian Hetherington, formerly of games companies Realtime Worlds and Psygnosis - yes, the company responsible for '90s legend Lemmings - and has applied games technology to mapping, making your 3D navigation feel like a trip to Sim City. eeGeo's maps can show weather conditions – so you can make it snow – and time of day, with …

  1. AbelSoul

    Looks like pretty nice bit of software.

    I might download the SDK and have a tinker over the weekend.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      It will be the first thing for me to turn off on my GPS

      The last thing you want on a navigation map is irrelevant or distracting detail. Key landmarks you can use for navigation are fine, making 90% of what you see irrelevant to the task at hand (get from point A to point B) is a disaster in the making.

  2. Chazmon

    You could use this for all kinds of lovely things I'm thinking the good: Real time disaster relief coordination. The bad: Real time invasion coordination. The ugly: Real time celeb stalking (which is probably the most likely!)

  3. Michael Habel

    Fork this fruit only shite!

    Video ca. ~1m13s -- For iThingies ONLY....

    Gee 2014 and, not knowing that Android has the bigger user base!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fork this fruit only shite!

      If you read the article or looked on the Play store you would see there is an Android version which covers London.

      1. goldcd

        Re: Fork this fruit only shite!

        Search for "Recce"

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fork this fruit only shite!

      "The software is available for iPhone and Android with a web version pending, and developers can download an SDK and have a tinker here. ®!"

      Still it did require reading past the 1st paragraph....

  4. foo_bar_baz


    Shadow of the Beast. Defining memories of my youth. Especially the music.

    Amiga <3.

  5. Jedit Silver badge

    "Turn the real world into Sim City"

    I read that as "Sin City", and pictured Google Maps with Instagram filters turning the Street View into distorted three-colour images and showing where to find the prostitutes and hitmen.

    Actually, that might be more useful. Get to it, programmers.

  6. Smudged

    Unfortunately London has stopped working

    Doesn't seem to run on a Moto G.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Gratz to the team

    I know how hard the journey has been for some in that studio. Great to see this on The Register. I still have an infamous linked list implementation from my time there as a keepsake :)

  8. Clive Galway

    Lemmings / Psygnosis

    Psygnosis only published Lemmings, it was not an in-house project.

    Same with most of the decent stuff they released - unfortunately they purchased lots of Silicon Graphics workstations early on and so were fixated with justifying that purchase by churning out lots of FMV / pre-rendered games, which were universally awful and often got canned or had very limited releases.

    It wasn't until they were bought out by Sony and so got involved in PSX dev that they started to work on modern realtime 3D games such as Wipeout.

    Interesting factoid:

    Carmageddon was pitched as a proposed internal project for the Camden studio, but management turned it down. Thankfully Adrian Curry then quit and took the idea elsewhere.

  9. TechGeezer

    Well I'm impressed...

    ...Even tech start-up central, Birmingham UK, makes a little appearance (0:52) in that video... :)

  10. IT Hack

    Very nice

    Now that is some decent looking and amazingly enough USEFULL tech...

    Not often the two come hand in hand...well done to eegeo...

    Here's a pint to the devs...well done!

  11. JLV


    I wanna know...

    if you bulldoze a church do they simulate you a rampaging Godzilla?

    Excellent idea they have by the way, verrrry cool.

  12. Phil_Evans

    OMG it's the Matrix V.wrong!!

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