back to article Intel: Hey, enterprises, drop everything and DO HADOOP

How important will Big Data be to the typical enterprise IT department within the next few years? More important than any other workload, if you believe Intel. "Within a couple of years, Hadoop will be the number one application. It will be running on more servers than any other single app. It will be more common for …

  1. Hargrove

    Big Data Analytics . . .

    Hadoop, Hooray!

    Changing the buzzwords doesn't diminish the challenge of doing the task.

    "Big data analytics" in the absence of a clear sense of "for what," from the users perspective, and "of what" (which demands synthesis of domain knowledge and the structure, organization and capabilities of the data management tools available), is just so much hype and branding jargon.

    To paraphrase the salesmen from the Music Man, you can talk, you can bicker, claim IT is different than it was, but ya still gotta know the territory.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hoorah !

    Storage is now free because the cost has gone down 100%. Can't wait for it to cost 110% less. Where do I sign up to get my check from Intel?

    Also, "Hadoop" - whatever that is these days - has yet to prove it will be the long term winner in the Big Data wars. There are a lot of others in the market and several are faster and less cumbersome to work with. That game will never be over, so it appears Intel is spinning a little yarn here. Yes, pun intended.

    1. sawatts

      Re: Hoorah !

      Hadoop is the toy elephant in the room.

  3. Anonymous Coward
  4. Alistair


    I'm fiddling out network solutions for the hadoop here. Hardware is relatively cheap now, storage is dirt cheap now, but dear lord the networking to get it all glued together well is horrendously expensive. And god help you if you don't grok your storage performance tuning.

    All that even before you bring in the analytics, and in that case you need folks that understand WHERE the data is relevant, not just what it might be good for. At this point I get the feeling that those of us actually doing the work have aquired the appearance of wizards, and we're expected to pull all sorts of strange things out of ..... well a hat would be polite.

    (grumpy old wizard, no windows here)

    (we NEED a pointy hat icon)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: TLDR

      >> And god help you if you don't grok your storage performance tuning...

      Hadoop and other big data platforms are meant and designed ground up to run on shared nothing disks ... if you are using SAN you might want to revisit your big data platform architecture :-)

      1. Alistair

        Re: TLDR

        You can tune SAS/IDE/SSA disks at the host level. No SAN needed.

  5. asdf

    surprise surprise

    Quick everyone Big Data, Hadoop, the Cloud, etc. Please talk about these topics and not how low margin low power products are now powerful enough and are cutting into our margins and making us less and less relevant.


    Intel Marketing

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