back to article Dell PowerEdge hooks up with SanDisk, stuffs servers with DAS Cache

Dell's next-generation PowerEdge servers are going to use DAS Cache SSD caching software from SanDisk. The R730, R730XD, R630, T630, and R920 servers fitted with direct-attached disk storage will have the DAS Cache software. It complements Dell's existing Fluid Cache for SAN, network-attached block storage. An R730-XD saw a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still relys on Compellent?

    So does the backend array still need to be a compellent? If so, DOA.

  2. DeepStorage

    No Compellent

    It's the SanDisk/FlashSoft stuff. Any back end. The Dell software, which also does write-back caching, requires, and interacts with, a Compellent.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    not convinced rotating rust is the way to go...

    Why have any rotating rust in the array? Oh, yea, its because Dell wanted us to pay $5,000 for an enterprise Dell SAS SSD 100 gig drive when we could get a 500 gig Samsung COTS drive for $500. 10 times the cost for 20% of the space.

    I am really with you Dell. And yes I have used the SanDisk ReadyCache, NFG. Could not really tell based on the thrashing of a 15,000 RPM disk if it was helping at all and no the software interface did not tell me how much it improved IO...

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