Windowes Update 4 of them and

This topic was created by ZZLEE .

  1. ZZLEE

    Windowes Update 4 of them and

    More Updates to Windows

    WIN 7 64 BIT

  2. TRT Silver badge

    Microsite are at it again...

    Fresh Win 7 x64 install and the Optional Software Updates list now contains Skype for Windows installer.

  3. Spondulex

    Predicting Company/Corporate Failure

    I was a reader of Personal Computer World (or other Computer Magazines) back in the 1980s, so I've ended up on this site,. I typed out (in Basic) a program, around 1987, 1988 or so, entitled "Predicting Company Failure" or was it "Predicting Corporate Failure". As we have had several business downturns, I would like to analyse the published Financial Accounts of Quoted Public Companies, possibly/preferably using this program that I can re-type into Excel. Any positive offers, please?

  4. Spondulex

    Skype on Smart 'phones

    I can use it on my Desktop, Laptop, and, I think, on my Tablet, but why can't I access it on my Samsung Android Smartphone?

    1. Phil W

      Re: Skype on Smart 'phones

      Working for me on my Galaxy Note 3, just signed in.

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