back to article TIBCO ponders new 'financial options', including sale or merger

It's hard to be a mid-sized enterprise software vendor these days. BCM last year went private and Compuware this week announced it would walk the same road. TIBCO looks set to do something similar, after on Wednesday announcing “a review of a variety of strategic and financial alternatives available to the Company through the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Business as usual

    "Ranadivé says it is business as usual for the company and customers won't notice any change."

    Certainly is BAU in the ERP sector. The model is:

    1. Build basic ERP, recruit customers

    2. Acquire other firms to extend basic capabilities

    3. Go private, so PE managers can pillage the company and "improve" the financials

    4. Sell out to Oracle or SAP (or Infor, who one day want to sell out to Oracle or SAP).

    Customers certainly won't notice any difference, in that their bills will continue to rise, supplier flexibility decline, and employees will (as ever) fear the thin whoosh of the scythe.

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