back to article Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL

Apple's next big press conference is still five days away, but The New York Times has stolen some of CEO Tim Cook's thunder by spilling the beans on what it says will be the company's new product announcements. Citing "multiple employees for Apple and its partners" who spoke on condition of anonymity, the NYT report says …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Biting on the Apple

    Apple groupies in the past showed all the signs of being hooked...had to get the latest i-Thing. But the rush to be Blingy is maybe getting a little passe, so will that slow sales??

    That's the real bet on Apple. The fact that the hype-meisters are really having to put on a show for this release suggests that brand loyalty is softening. The numbers will tell.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Biting on the Apple

      For all the assertions of waning Apple enthusiasm that have been happening almost since the first iPhone's release, the actual sales numbers just keep getting better, and not by small amounts, either. The 5S sold WAY better than the 5, which sold WAY better than the 4S, etc.

      The iPhone hasn't been a status symbol for years. The most fashion-forward people I know don't have iPhones because they're so common.

      I take the sales numbers as a sign that people are no longer buying the iPhone because of hype and groupthink (if they ever did) and are now buying it on its merits.

      I know several people who have happily switched from Android to iPhone over the past couple years for the typical reasons--so much system maintenance is required on Android to keep background tasks from accidentally using up all your battery power, malware is a concern to a lot of people (justifiably or otherwise), the customizations that Samsung etc. make to Android are slow and buggy, etc.

      For as much flack as Apple takes for the "it just works" phrase, iPhones do usually just work.

      1. tin 2

        Re: Biting on the Apple

        The big problem - for me - is that "it just works" has genuinely gone with iOS7. I can't be the only one, the question will be what percentage of Apple's massive increasing sales are people that bought into the ecosystem long ago, found it "just works" and bought the next one - just because phones get old and knackered relatively quickly - yet have now found that it no longer "just works". The impetus to buy the new one will be gone.

        Anyone that has spent a huge amount of contract or outright purchase money on an iPhone4S for example, and understands what's behind features like facetime breaking completely, then had it turned into a pile of unresponsive crap by iOS 7 will be questioning if they're mug enough to do it all again.

        I speak as a huge iPhone skeptic turned fanboi turned infuriated-user-that-hopes-it-will-all-work-out, so I think I'm objective. Maybe I'm not ;) and of course it requires the user to be technically informed. There's a high number of iPhone users that are not (no criticism whatsoever).

        I still think for at least this iteration I will be in the extreme minority, everything you said rings true, and it will sell in huge numbers. And for me, that will actually be a shame. IMHO Apple need a wakeup call so they get better at their software again.

        1. Rupert Stubbs

          Re: Biting on the Apple

          Well, I've had my 4S for 3 years now, and it still all works superbly (including FaceTime). And, yes, I'm using iOS 7 and will be installing iOS 8 as soon as I can. I'm sure that the iPhone 6 will be much faster, but since the 4S is as fast as I need already, I'm fine carrying on with it.

          Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?

          1. Down not across

            Re: Biting on the Apple

            Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?

            Yes. I was quite happy with Galaxy S2 until I dropped it and the screen broke. It was easier and quicker (and cheaper unless I found cheap lcd and did the fiddly bit myself) to replace the phone rather than the screen.

            1. Amorous Cowherder
              Thumb Up

              Re: Biting on the Apple

              "Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?"

              Yep, still using my Galaxy S2, now heading for it's 3rd birthday next month. Had a screen protector on it from day 1 ( which I changed after only last night actually ), the screen is immaculate underneath. The rubber case means there's not a single scratch on it anywhere. With grateful thanks to the the wonderful hacking community, I've bounced Android up to a 4.4.2 2 months ago and it still works like a charm and still plays the latest games!

              So I'm sorry to say, unless something stupid happens to it, no phone manufacturers will be getting any custom off me in the near future.

            2. JeffyPoooh

              Re: Biting on the Apple

              DNA: "...quite happy with Galaxy S2 until I dropped it..."

              Apologies in advance, but this is too funny. Ready?

              You're holding it wrong.



              1. Stevie

                Re: ROTFLMAO

                That would explain the cracked screen on your S2 (and everyone else's I've seen to date).

              2. Down not across

                Re: Biting on the Apple

                Re: Biting on the Apple

                DNA: "...quite happy with Galaxy S2 until I dropped it..."

                Apologies in advance, but this is too funny. Ready?

                You're holding it wrong.




                Well. Actually I wasn't holding it at all and it fell out the pocket it was in and landed awkwardly causing the lcd to bleed.

                Have an upvote for the gag though :-)

          2. oddie

            Re: Biting on the Apple

            "Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?"

            Well yes, not that a sample of 1 either way proves anything much... My HTC Sensation from 2011 still works perfectly, runs all my applications without any aparent slowdown (despite obviously being updated from their state in 2011)... Changed the battery a few months ago to give myself more juice as the old battery was getting on a bit (back cover off, change battery, back cover on, simples :)).. now it still has power left when I go to bed late at night without any charging during the daytime :)

            Also has a micro-SD slot so have upgraded the storage a few times.. currently running on 32GB :)

            Eventually of course applications such as facebook will be resource heavy enough (with all the improvements, bah humbug!) that I will want a phone with more cores and higher clock rates, but I figure this should do me for another 1.5 - 2 years or so :)

            edit: I was of course referring to my 'droid phone still working for more than 3 years.. I doubt I'll be installing iOS8 on it or accessing facetime anytime soon :)

          3. Ken Darling

            Re: Biting on the Apple

            "Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?"

            Yes, my Samsung Galaxy Ace (bought in 2011) is running perfectly, despite its lowly processor and meager RAM. It runs smoothly, and all the apps I need run without hesitation, even the SatNav.

            Superb piece of kit.

            It will even run Android 4.4.4without too much trouble, though I tend to stick with 2.3.6.

          4. Ian Johnston Silver badge

            Re: Biting on the Apple

            My original Galaxy S does everything I want it to do, as fast as I want it to do it. Much as I would like some new shiny, I haven't been able to find any semi-rational reason for splashing out a few hundred quid on upgrading.

        2. Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese Silver badge

          Re: Biting on the Apple

          "Can anyone with a 3 year old Android phone say the same?"

          Yes. Admittedly, the battery was showing signs of age and heavy use, but picked up a new one (genuine from phoine manufacturer) and did a swap, just like what iPhone users can't do.

        3. ravenviz Silver badge

          Re: Biting on the Apple

          I was a skeptic until I was given an iPod Touch 2 and was so impressed with it I replaced my Blackberry Pearl (which was shit) with a 3GS and now a 4S which I bought outright (second hand).

          They have all worked just fine, and all do the Handoff stuff already in place quite well (texts) and the iCloud is great for Calendars and stuff (it's not touching my pictures or music), even back to the Touch 2 and also my iPad 2.

          Where problems started to kick in was when I got an iMac that eventually went kaput (power management chip although Apple can't find a problem) and it's so far taken me about 3 weeks to rectify my Time Machine archive onto a MacBook Pro to some sort of state it was in before.

          So 'it just works' I think is fine for mobile devices but for 'heavy use' you still need a desktop of some sort as your main 'archive station' and actually doing stuff, and it does not all seem quite joined up yet.

          PS Be very wary of changing your Apple ID when you have cloud features switched on, as it will clear all your devices of your content until you reset your ID on them as well - lesson learned!

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: It just works.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Biting on the Apple

        Each iPhone sells better because the market isn't saturated yet. Their share of wallet is steadily declining, which is the actual indicator.

  2. GBE

    one-handed mode

    "According to some of the paper's sources, Apple has tweaked the iOS user interface to include a 'one-handed mode'"

    [insert fanboi joke here]

    1. Isendel Steel

      Re: one-handed mode

      You're holding it wrong.....

  3. IanTP

    [insert fapping joke here] FTFY :)

    Beer because, well...

  4. ZSn


    Perhaps I'm just a grumpy old git, back in the days I had mac 2 fx number 7 in the country (somebody else paid the bill for that). Now my attitude is that it's just another bloody phone. So it has dohickeys and whatyermacallits, most phones of whatever flavour do. Most people have a phone sufficient for: a) calling; b) checking their e-mail or c) a bit of light browsing.

    Since I have neither a myface or whatever account perhaps I'm not the target demographic.

    Back to polishing my zimmerframmer obviously...

  5. Joe 48

    How is this fresh news. I remember seeing pictures of both devices on the net 4+ months ago. If an I watch exists I'll be impressed as Apple did a good job keeping it hush as everything else they do these days is leaked. Unless that was always the plan, leak iphone/iPad news to distract from the highly anticipated Iwatch.

    To me it looks like apple stole the design for the new iphone from HTC if you ask me.

    I'm looking forward to ios8, the hardware is all well and good, but the tie in between Yosemite and iOS 8 looks very good.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      >To me it looks like apple stole the design for the new iphone from HTC if you ask me.

      Stole? The Apple-HTC patent licensing agreement signed back in 2012 only prevented HTC from using Apple's designs...

  6. Gordon 11

    Guessing here...

    So, could there be an iPhone6 and an iPhone6C?

    1. Paw Bokenfohr

      Re: Guessing here...

      iPhone 6C (a "recased" and "downcosted" 5S much like the 5C was from the 5), an iPhone 6 (the 4.7"), and an iPhone 6X (the 5.5")

  7. Tromos

    Will Apple be taking their usual...

    ...30% cut from all NFC payments?

    1. Mike Bell

      Re: Will Apple be taking their usual...


  8. Mitoo Bobsworth

    And in other news...

    ...the world is still turning.

    I really don't think the circus event thing works for Apple anymore, at least not since they lost one of the worlds best ringleaders - seriously, you need that certain something to sell the Apple show and - it just ain't there no more.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: And in other news...

      ...people are already queueing to get whatever it that's going to get announced or not so no it seems there are still some desperate souls out there. Also Apple sold more iPhones since Jobs died than when he was still alive, so it seems your thesis is incorrect.

      1. Mitoo Bobsworth

        Re: And in other news...

        @ Buck Futter

        I said nothing of iThing sales, I was talking of their release events. Read more carefully.

  9. BenjaminHare

    It's a plant!

    I sincerely hope all of this is a plant by the PR staff within Cook's camp. Wouldn't it be great if this rumor was leaked on purpose in order to distract us? Brilliant, if that is the case.

    1. D@v3

      Re: It's a plant!

      nice idea, but if it is a plant, then come Tuesday, what will they reveal? Not the 2 phones and a watch everyone is expecting, and we have been distracted with, but.....

      (obviously something we aren't expecting, maybe 6 new phones, two new watches, new mac mini, and some completely before unimagined new class of device, some kind of iFridge maybe?)

  10. JeevesMkII

    Le Sigh

    I really hope they haven't convinced the major card issuers to back their proprietary proximity payment system. The last thing we need is that sort of fragmentation.

    The right answer is to tell them to get with the program and implement the open standard everyone else uses.

    1. Mike Bell

      Re: Le Sigh

      The banks have reportedly agreed to lower transaction fees when this comes into being, because authentication will be bolstered by fingerprint recognition. That can only be a good thing for retailers.

      1. JeffyPoooh

        Re: Le Sigh

        "...fingerprint recognition..."

        Canada already has plenty of NFC or RFID type of credit and debit cards. One simply presses the card onto the face of the terminal, it beeps, and you're done. Seems to be limited to low value purchases. Fingers not required.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So that's it ?

    Wasn't this announced by the Cookster as 'the most exciting product launch ever' or 'most exciting product line ever' or something to that effect ?

    And the grand total is 2 phones and a watch ? And this is 'the most innovative company on the planet' ?

    Cook should be genuinly ashamed.

  12. Dan 55 Silver badge

    September 9: Wish we could say more

    But we can't.

  13. T. F. M. Reader


    The preferred method of getting an iWatch without standing in line?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And how many of those employees were briefed individually?

    With sufficient information for Apple to identify them in the event of a leak?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hate the idea of a watch

    But I also hated the idea of the iPhone when it came out. Too expensive, too big, too heavy, etc.

    Also hated the idea of the iPad. Didn't understand the point. (I still mostly don't, but it sure has caught on with other people...)

    Who knows, maybe Apple will surprise.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Hate the idea of a watch

      I am very keen to see what Apple can do with a wearable, if they really are making one. Not because I particularly like the idea either, but because I'm just interested to see if they can pull it off, unlike everyone else so far.

  16. a53

    I just wish

    there weren't leaks. I much preferred it when the new phone was a surprise.

  17. IHateWearingATie

    Am I the only one looking forward to this?

    If the rumours are true with a larger iPhone and a really well implemented watch, I may be tempted back from Android.

    Or, as has happened before, Apple take what other people have been doing for ages and work out a better way to package and present it. Then others like Samsung can go 'ahhhh, that's a much better approach to a smartwatch' and improve their current crappy offering.

    Either way, I think I win.

  18. AugustB

    use for one-handed

    when Google changed their Maps app for Android to remove the + and - zoom buttons, I was pissed. I commute for work almost 30 miles each way through very heavy traffic (yes i live in the US, DFW area of Texas). I used the app to check traffic conditions while driving as there are several alternate highway routes I could take each way. they removed these zoom buttons, andthe app became near useless while driving, as zooming really took two hands to do. Pinch zooming while driving didn't work well, whereas memory muscle for pressing a plus or minus button to zoom does..then glancing to see which routes are green/orange/red.

    Didn't mean to ramble, just to point out that for several hours a day I have a legitimate need to use a phone one handed...bravo apple! Maybe I'll break down and finally buy my first Apple product.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: use for one-handed

      If your reason for buying an iPhone is so that you can use it while driving you have something wrong in your head and probably shouldn't be allowed to drive.

    2. cambsukguy

      Re: use for one-handed

      Or you could use HERE maps which have a choice of on-screen zoom, at least it does on my phone. Also, it has offline maps in case the data isn't keeping up with the travel.

      And yes, traffic load too. You could even use the commuter mode which doesn't give you audible directions (because you know the way) but does monitor traffic and reroute you (along with audio I imagine) if the traffic looks bad.

      None of these things are perfect, sometimes it is just better to leave the road and go another way because your gut tells you to.

      I read (here) that Android users can have HERE too now.

      1. phil dude

        Re: use for one-handed

        This is what I use my (aging) Nokia N8 for, navigation - with traffic!

        Oh, and the battery lasts days, not hours...


  19. Nifty Silver badge

    iPad or iPhone apps?

    Will it be possible to install iPad apps on the 5.5" model I wonder.

  20. Zog_but_not_the_first

    Expect the unexpected

    Maybe they're planning to release a robotic iVac to steal Dyson's thunder.

    1. Tom_

      Re: Expect the unexpected

      Thunder? Don't you mean drizzle?

  21. GrizzlyCoder

    How I decide upon what mobile technology to buy:

    I weigh up on its longevity and maintainability (especially limited timeframe items like the battery) as I do not upgrade 'for the sake of it'.

    Does it simplify or complicate my life? Prior to the advent of smartphones, I used to carry around an electronic dictionary, a foreign phrase translator, a calculator, a personal mpg player, a map and that's just for starters, so the answer to that is a resounding 'simplify'.

    DOES IT WORK WELL AS A PHONE? I.e. holds it's charge for several days if I don't use it for anything else, doesn't drop a call just because I am in a car/train, does it have loads of adverse publicity of "you aren't holding it right" just to make a call (OK I admit it, that was a bit of a low blow/easy target!) -nope.

    If I decide to get a bit 'tricky' with it by dabbling with open source (which I tend not to but it's nice to have the option) is it easy to go back to a 'bare metal' install -yup.

    Are there lots of alternatives that all work the same way but have differing options for their capabilities (

    (such as camera resolution) - yup.

    Can you easily dabble with code (using an open source IDE that can actually emulate your smartphone environment) to experiment at writing your own apps? -yup

    This is why I am pro-android and anti-apple.

    Apple is for techno-pseuds like Stephen Fry who have (a) more money than sense and (b) no clue as to why everyone else with any technological nous whatsoever hates them.

    1. JeffyPoooh

      "...holds its [!] charge for several days..."

      Where I sleep, there's electricity.

  22. Michael Hawkes

    My next phone

    Several years ago I came into a bit of money and went into fanboi mode, splurging on iGear by buying an iPhone 3GS, a Mac Pro, and a MacBook Pro. I'd never owned Apple products before, and decided to drink the Kool-aid. However, since I fix computers for a living, I became fairly critical of the gear I bought. In less than a year, the MacBook Pro's screen was replaced twice and the logic board replaced once, all under warranty. I've never had as many issues with any other laptop. At work, I use a newer MacBook Pro which has worked very well for me for the past three years, but when it came time to shop for a new personal laptop, I bought a Project Sputnik Dell.

    Now my iPhone 4S is starting to show signs of age. The back glass panel is coming a bit loose, so I'm keeping an eye out for new smartphones. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the Motorola Ara, whenever that comes out, while keeping an eye on what Apple will announce. Among Android, and even WinPho products, there is such a wide selection of hardware to choose from, so it feels pretty limiting to stick with Apple's limited range of phones. On September 9th, I guess we'll find out if they really do have new ideas.

  23. FlatSpot

    Over sized

    Smart phones are obviously oversized and need to be smaller. I've noticed at concerts and events that people cant fit them in their pocket and have to hold them the whole time, must be really tiring.

  24. Stumpy Pepys

    I dunno …

    I shouldn't comment before the announcement, but the iWatch sounds like it's going to be an improved version of the Samsung Gear Fit.

    The smartwatch functions may well appear to the geeks and the health functions to the runners, but it just doesn't sound like a mass-market, must-have product. The iPhone appeals as much to overweight housewives as it does to sporty fanbois.

  25. IGnatius T Foobar

    Apple who?

    Apple? Is that the empty husk of the company that The Steve Jobs used to run? I didn't know they were still around.

  26. I am a machine (says Turing test)

    9th September is when all the Beatles catalogue is re-issued in mono on vinyl. I am not going to buy it but I am sure that whoever does will get much more pleasure from that than from an iPhone.

  27. Andy E

    Due for a refresh

    Many, many years ago in 2006 I bought one of the original Intel MacBook pro laptops. This was my first venture into the fruity land and in 2009 I bought an iPhone 3GS and unfortunatly both bits of kit are still going strong. The MacBook Pro has had a disk drive upgrade and a new battery. The iPhone has had a new protective case as the old one broke when I was trying to get the iPhone out of it. So the laptop has been going for 8 years and the phone for 5 which is not a bad return on investment.

    Whats prompting the refresh is that neither product is supported, with the MacBook Pro stuck on OSX 10.6.8 and the iPhone on iOS 6.1.6. I'm starting to see Apps and programs (which I use) being release that list minimum requirements my kit doesn't meet.

    I will probably stay with the Apple kit as I can't see any Android/Windows combination that looks to be as stable while providing a steady supply of free updates as Apple

  28. Anonymous Bullard

    Windows Phones

  29. Amorous Cowherder

    New one-handed mode?!

    Really? One huge elephant-in-the-room joke just waiting to be spotted there!

  30. Wisteela

    Took them long enough

    Yesterday's technology tomorrow. You can buy better, but you can't pay more.

  31. OrsonX


    An iWatch!


    I'd never heard of that, that is a HUGE leak and completely spoilt the surprise.

  32. Heathroi

    "Apple has tweaked the iOS user interface to include a "one-handed mode" that can be switched on and off, for those with short fingers but who still like the idea of a phone with a larger screen"

    you mean like cooking while reading the recipe on your phone?.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      > you mean like cooking while reading the recipe on your phone?

      Perhaps cooking wasn't the primary motivator.

  33. Ian Johnston Silver badge


    According to some of the paper's sources, Apple has tweaked the iOS user interface to include a "one-handed mode" that can be switched on and off, for those with short fingers but who still like the idea of a phone with a larger screen.

    Wow. What a stunning, ground breaking idea. Only Apple could ever come up with such a stunning breakthrough. Well, not counting Samsung, who had a one-handed mode on the original Galaxy Note three years ago.

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