back to article Fujitsu, Intel tilt at hyperscale storage with Ceph-powered arrays

Fujitsu is taking another tilt at software-defined storage hardware by announcing that it's going to create a line of appliances that will combine Intel hardware with the Ceph file system. The Japanese company was for some time the only server-maker to bother bundling NetApp's Virtual Storage Appliance. Virtual arrays have …

  1. batfastad


    Urg. Vendor re-packing of open source projects... we all know how this ends up.

    3 years down the road, hardly any updates, 2 major versions behind the community, loads of annoying bugs that VendorX hasn't backported and almost certainly won't.

    So you roll a proper deployment of the open source shiny yourself, turns out it's cheaper and better supported by the community. Win!

  2. Bill Neal


    I guess we don't have to ask about Crysis then

  3. Snooze bar

    Researching Ceph...

    I am hard pressed to find any company that actually uses Ceph in production, a lot in the academic space but yet to see anyone other major player than Dreamhost (inktank).. Maybe, RedHat can can change that.

    Strange decision to go with Ceph, with all the other players in the market..

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