back to article Suppose they gave a VMworld and vSphere didn't show up?

A hypothetical VMworld 2014 attendee utterly unfamiliar with VMware could conceivably have emerged from the event unaware that the company's flagship product is called vSphere. But if one poked one's head into the right places at the show it was possible to learn a little about the product's future. Our tip that version 6.0 …

  1. Disconn3ct

    its easy.

    Ask any sales/tech rep - 6.0 is late in the first quarter next year.

  2. Yugguy

    VMware execs acknowledged the current version is sub-par


    Is that Vmware-ese for "UTTERLY BEYOND REDEMPTION"?

    Just had to start using it on our new vmware 5.5 farm and while bits of it are ok, some of it is just pointlessly difficult and make tasks take twice as long.

    That and the comedy tasks pane. Hilarious.

    1. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

      Re: VMware execs acknowledged the current version is sub-par

      Its so you can control vcenter from a linux platform, don't be so windows focused.

      Oh hold on it requires adobe flash......

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