back to article Exclusive SPB t-shirt flies into Kickstarter

Our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) Kickstarter tin-rattling is, er, rattling along nicely, and we offer sincere thanks to those who've already chosen to back our audacious spaceplane ballocket launch in New Mexico. Our quality merchandising - which includes stickers, mugs and t-shirts - has been flying out of the …

  1. DaLo

    Any chance of doing other colours apart from white (not going to stay white very long doing Special projects in the shed)?

    Something with an earth tone would be good.

    1. joeW

      Or black. Black as the coffee that fuels many a shed project.

      1. Ralph B

        Or in combination with a tankard, like the other T-shirt?

        (BTW: Is this tankard really a tankard? If so, where's the handle, eh?)

      2. Fungus Bob

        Re: Black as the coffee that fuels many a shed project

        Mine are fueled by Sheep Dip.

        Surprisingly, the results rarely turn out as planned...

        Icon show typical results

    2. ThePhantom

      Seriously - white? You really need other colors that don't show belly button sweat.

  2. Johndoe888

    I was hoping to see a Glass and Patch option.

    How about a car window sticker option (adhesive on the face side), or adhesive free as per a tax disc holder ?

    Those tax disc holder manufacturers need a new product when the tax discs come to an end shorty.

  3. Tempest8008

    Wow! Am I famous now?

    That was my entry!

    I'm already supposed to get a patch for my efforts, but I'm honoured that my entry is also going to grace the breasts of numerous El Reg officiandos.

    No pics, please. :P

    1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Wow! Am I famous now?

      You'll get your patch - as soon as we have them.

  4. Tempest8008

    No worries, Lester

    Thanks mate!

    And congrats on the Kickstarter. It seems to be going great guns!

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