back to article Brit chip biz CSR rebuffs US takeover bid from Microchip Technologies

Fabless Bluetooth chip firm CSR, the second biggest chip design company in Cambridge, has rebuffed a takeover bid by customer and partner Microchip Technology. The failed bid has trigged another round of CSR thinking about putting itself up for sale, and given its history of a roller-coaster share price, now might be a very …

  1. Gannettt

    I'm sure there are plenty of US companies champing at the bit to acquire a company like CSR to enable them to implement a tax inversion before the US government clamp down on them. Not sure if that would do CSR any favours, though.

  2. Charles Manning


    Microchip is a has been company with 1980s technology. They still own a lot of legacy space with their 8-bit micros, but that's fading.

    They really need a new game to keep their head above water in the next few years.

  3. Chris Evans

    "30 per cent " massive?

    "30 per cent" jump in a share price isn't massive! I'd say the change would have to be 100%+ to be considered massive.

    The bigger a company is the smaller a price change would need be to be considered very significant. CSR is big, but not that big. Even with the price rise they are still considered 'Small Cap' by many financial sites.

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