back to article Want to buy T-Mobile US? Yours for $35 per share – report

The parent company of US mobile telco bad boy T-Mobile has reportedly decided it will sell the firm, after two failed bids, and has set its price at $35 per share. According to a person with knowledge of the matter, senior managers at the German firm met for a strategy meeting in Berlin on Thursday to discuss the recently …

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  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    T-Mobile did not invent month to month

    T-Mobile did not invent month to month, they were just the first big carrier to realize the old business model was going to eat their lunch as people were getting fed up with contract and hardware lock-in as well as the companies not honoring rates, overages and contract plans and even the end of contract and still trying to extort cancellation fees (see previous stories about cable companies doing same as well)

    T-Mobile also had a program that a lot of other mobile carriers had: pre-paid. I used that for years until my pre-paid reached the first tier contract price that offered more. At that time I switched to contract.

    Since then I haven't had a mobile contract in 3 years and never will again. I'm finding each carrier eventually tries to screw you and that's when it's time to move on.

  3. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Could the problem be Deutsche Telekom?

    Frankly, I think T-Mobile would be worth a lot more if it wasn't hobbled to Deutsche Telekom. I've dealt with German companies in the past and my general opinion is that they are worth avoiding unless you enjoy corporate BDSM.

    I'm a T-Mobile customer too.

  4. Kar98

    All in the eye of the beholder

    It's hilarious that T-Mobile Germany is seen as the crusty ole dinosaur and T-Mobile US has the image of the spry young innovative start-up that will go places.

  5. The Alphabet

    What's the possibility of France Telecom buying up a portion and we wind up with EE USA?

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