back to article Better be Nimble, tech giants, or mutant upstarts will make off with your sales

Hybrid array vendor Nimble Storage saw revenues grow strongly as storage giant incumbents were unable to deliver equivalent price/performance products. Revenues were $53.8m for its second quarter, ended, an 89 per cent increase year-on-year and beating its own guidance of $49m to $51m. There was a net loss of -$26.1m, 149 per …

  1. Daz555

    I get the feeling these days that "nimble upstarts" exist only to temporarily shock the big boys before then selling up to those same big boys and retiring as billionaires.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And I'm still wondering when profit will be positive. After all, it is an easy trick to drop the price, ignore profit, and grow.

    1. Dmitriy Sandler

      DISCLAIMER: I work for Nimble.

      That's actually one thing (of many) that sets Nimble apart from a lot of the startups. The deals are being won not by dropping the price but for once by selling value. If you take a look at the margins reported in the investor reports you'll see what I mean. Profitability can easily be achieved by stopping investment into further development but the company has a much grander long term goal and hence has continued to put money back into the company/product/staff and has pushed profitability until 2016.

  3. M. B.

    I'm not surprised... how well they are doing after taking a close-up under-the-covers look at their tech. Nimble came in and put one through the ringer for us and the experienced storage guys walked away quite impressed. That CS210 screams, even under the very unfavorable conditions we subjected it to. Not bad for entry-level. The economics hit a sweet spot as well, but they will run into a problem if they don't turn a profit eventually.

    Still curious if/when someone going to make the first move towards buying one of these start-ups.

  4. Nate Amsden

    take that nimble nay sayers

    that statement should of been right below the image instead of above it.. the image says more than the text of the story.

    Would be nice to see a comparison of the nimble results relative to Fusion IO and Violin.

    I think they have some decent tech, my company even has one of their arrays(maybe two I forget), not in my department though. I think it does a fine job for what it is used for, mission critical will remain 3PAR for some time to come though here anyway.

    1. scottdeshong

      Re: take that nimble nay sayers

      Asking for comparisons to Fusion IO and Violin is comparing apples to oranges. Those two are all flash array's whereas Nimble is a hybrid array. This reflects the biggest problem the storage market has. Unfortunately there's a lot of confusion on the use case for differing arrays. It's like comparing Ethernet to Fibre-channel. Yes they both can carry storage networking but their use case is pretty different. One is predictable and guaranteed whereas the other has more use cases including long distance usage.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what about the chil^H^H^H^HSW defined setup?

    what is the asp of nimble? i still believe SW defined is the way to go... think MS or VMware for Storage

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