back to article HP lets the SAN shine: StoreVirtual now bigger, flashier, OpenStack-ier

HP has added lots of features to its StoreVirtual software SAN, announced a lower-cost all-flash 3PAR array and provided cheaper backup for remote offices. Here's how the StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance (software SAN) has been enhanced: The StoreVirtual VSA is a fully integrated storage option for Helion OpenStack and …

  1. Smoking Gun

    "StoreVirtual Storage will support space reclamation in VMware and Microsoft environments, freeing up space after virtual machines (VMs) and other files are deleted."

    Yippee, been waiting for this.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    I think

    the 7200 designation for that array is incorrect in the article, at least it's not the number I heard it was going to be called. The 7200 is an entry level system that was released in December 2012. I would not expect HP to re-use that number for a brand new system that would not be smart. But I will confirm with 3PAR. Not that you can't equip a 7200 with all SSDs if you wanted.

    1. ocastillo

      Re: I think

      Nate, you can read more in this link:

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