back to article WTH? Upstart stuffed with ex-VMware bods grilled on Amazon cloud 'rescue' plan

Willem ter Harmsel recently spoke with the CEO of a firm started up by several former VMware staffers, Platform9. Here he grills the startup's co-founder about VMware, the new business and its go-to-market plans. Platform9 has created a SaaS-based system that it claims offers internal IT a way to build a private cloud that …

  1. Nate Amsden

    aws is a f*cking chore to use

    it's so limited in it's features/capabilities it's maddening. Those who don't understand that haven't done any infrastructure work in the past 15 years because that's how far back in time you gotta go (if not further).

  2. CloudWash

    What more than Native OpenStack?

    What do they offer over native OpenStack doesnt? A glorified GUI?

    "..By eliminating the need for complex vCenter setups, managing backups and monitoring software, we can dramatically reduce the operational stress for enterprises..."

    Can we conclude one would still require vCenter?

  3. CloudWash

    What more than Native OpenStack?

    OpenStack offers all of these ..what more does Platform9 offer above OpenStack? A glorified UI?

    Do we still require vCenter?

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