back to article Can it be true? A BIG DATA benchmark? Yes, says TPC

Up until now there hasn't been an objective or standard way of comparing different suppliers' big data systems performance. The Transaction Processing Council (TPC) is remedying that with its TPCx-HS benchmark. The TPC provides objective, vendor-neutral benchmarks for things like virtual servers and transaction processing. …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    More fun in benchmark land

    This is going to be subverted six ways to Sunday. It will be impossible to get reliable data because every vendor is going to criticize the other vendors' results with endless discussions on how a given parameter skews the results and should have been set to something else, with the other vendor replying in length about how that change would only skew in some way favourable to the first vendor, etc. etc.

    Of course, maybe I'm wrong and the benchmark results will be taken as canon by everyone, but given the historical battles we have already witnessed in the business arena as well as in the graphics arena, I doubt it.

  2. mi1400

    And DB vendor overclocking CPU when detects a TPCx-HS install

    .... And DB vendor overclocking CPU when detects a TPCx-HS install .. like smartphone makers are doing... Or DB denies to start detecting TPCx-HS install just like MS used to create hooks in OS detecting whether it is running in a VM hence failing to boot.

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