back to article Intel teams up with rap chap 50 Cent on heartbeat headphones

The rapper 50 Cent has hooked up with Intel to get his headphone firm making kit for the health-tech wearables set. The pair plan to produce a set of cans which monitor vital stats at the same time as bombarding fit folks' ear drums. Following in the footsteps of the music producer turned Apple employee who self-identifies as …

  1. Robert E A Harvey


    "brand" "on trend". have we come to this?

    Make good stuff that sounds OK and does not charge more for being pink or in a box with some hedonit's photo (or monogram) on the cover, and I might, just might, buy it. If I like it. If I need it. If I can afford it.

    If you think that strutting about like a peacock or listing all the people you have persuaded to strut with you will not convince me of anything. If you try to cram in lots of extra functionallity that I probably don't want just because other people are cramming it into other things, then I am quite likely to walk past disinterested.

    If I want something that will fret about my health, weight, exercise routine, and general wellbeing I will marry one. In fact I did.

    {Hedonit was a typo for hedonist, but I have decided it makes my point better as it is]

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: head/hands

      I agree, 'Hedonit' is superior. Hedonist + idiot = Hedonit.

    2. Hardcastle the ancient

      Re: I married one

      I think I married her sister.

    3. dan1980

      Re: head/hands

      @Robert E A Harvey

      Sadly, you are not representative of the market. If you were, then perhaps more would be spent on quality than on image.

      But, image is worth spending money on and, whether we admit it or not, the vast majority of us spend our money with at least one eye to how we think something looks. From suits to cars to houses to luggage to jewellery to t-shirts and shoes. A $40 t-shirt is not, practically, any better than a $10 t-shirt but if I like the design on the $50 better I may get that instead. Why not headphones too?

      Personally, I use earphones when out and about as they're just easier to store and less cumbersome to use and the compression of MP3s and general quality of portable sources just don't justify the hassle of a pair of cans. At least not since my MDRs were ruined on the train.

      It's interesting that headphones are now a fashion item and I love my new 7506s for home use but prefer my ear buds for travel.

  2. breakfast Silver badge

    Troublesome recollections

    I'm sure there was another rapper who was involved in the headphones business, but I can't for the life of me recall who.

  3. Longrod_von_Hugendong

    So, exactly how fast...

    do you need to run to jump on a band wagon? Maybe El Reg needs a measure for this :D

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: So, exactly how fast...

      Quite fast

      if they are called REO Speedwagon

      Ok, Friday, coat, down the pub.

  4. d3rrial

    Don't expect anything

    They'll likely be just as shit as Beats.

    Just because it's affiliated with Intel, doesn't mean they'd try to enforce any sort of quality... Just look at McAffee software *g*

    1. JetSetJim

      Re: Don't expect anything

      When you're running you are unlikely to notice nuanced tones in any music you're listening to, and you usually need to be able to hear stuff going on around you too (approaching cars, etc). I've always hated having to have a second battery powered device for heart rate monitoring so this is a useful device. Hope the price tag isn't too high as I want a pair just for that reason.

  5. Tromos

    But surely...

    ...Apple have the patent for (c)rap headphones.

  6. GotThumbs

    Apple paid 3 Billion for just a brand of regular headphones. LOL

    At least 50 cent is stepping up the game with multi-functioning headsets.

    I'll bet all the Apple execs just slapped their foreheads (doh!) after reading this article.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Apple paid 3 Billion for just a brand of regular headphones. LOL

      Apple paid 3Bn for an online music catalogue that had a much better deal with certain record companies than they could get. And a whole new segment of the music buying market that thought Apple was too white, middle aged and middle class

  7. goldcd


    "I can't belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shit"

    I've now got a soft spot for grandma-cent :)

    1. Agent Weebley

      Re: Aww

      My 2 Cent worth: I think her name is actually 100 Cent, but her friends call her "Hunny."

  8. Kracula


    Is it just me or the time stamps of his tweets show that 50 Cent got angered for being asked to take out the trash, left in his car, was almost hit in traffic by someone else tweeting while driving, which led to his life-enhancing advice about prostate check - all within 2 hours?

    If I were to conclude, not taking out the trash led to an illuminating, but life-threatening event. Or is it that even rich people post way to much of their on life online?

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