back to article Restatements HURT. Just ask global mega distie Tech Data how it's going for them

The world's second-largest wholesale distributor of technology products, services and solutions, Tech Data, was not the first firm to restate its financial results – and it may not be the last. But in a post-Enron world, with the associated heavy controls and accounting rules introduced after that massive accounts fraud …

  1. The Godfather

    On a mono-rail

    Buy, assimilate, cut cost, buy, assimilate, cut cost, buy assimilate, cut cost - tougher every time and the margin's shrunk to pain.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We miss SDG

    Such a shame that TechData's making large swathes of the ex-SDG staffers redundant now, so that they can close the SDG offices and consolidate back to the offices they already had. Naturally for the majority of the staffers that means relocating or leaving.

    The consolidation plan (i.e. reducing TechData back to the sites where it was before and binning the SDG offices) is shortsighted as they've bought a lot of skilled people who they are then sacking. Sure they they've still taken out a major competitor but they could have done so much more with the resources that SDG had.

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