back to article Cisco revenue dip means 6,000 staff to be de-assimilated

Facing rising competition, Cisco has announced another round of layoffs – 6,000 – in financial results that beat analyst expectations but were still flat. Presenting the company's latest quarter results, CEO John Chambers announced the latest round of layoffs, but was at least able to give a sliver of good news, with revenue …

  1. channel extended

    True cost

    I'm sure the NSA cooperation rep helped.

  2. vmcreator

    Acquire..........Mr Spock

    The best thing Cisco could do is make an acquisition bid for VMware.

    Future quaranteed.

  3. Rocket_Rabbit

    I think Cisco just have to accept it. Their market share is disproportionately high and their kit certainly isn't twice the price better.

    Other vendor CLIs use >95% similar syntax to iOS/NX-OS so what MAJOR advantage do Cisco have?

    1. AussieITGuy

      Couldn't Agree more... With the acceptance and emerging SDN or Network Visualization (VMware's pet name) the margin the Cisco demands is completely disproportional to the value they deliver. They lead with vendor lockin and FUD and their products simply reflect this. Pretty much supported by network administrators who use these fear factors internally in their organisations to keep Cisco as the proffered network platform.

      Good luck VMware, HP, Brocade and others for leading with technology that actually reduces companies costs and gives them choice of platform moving forward.

      I've got a CCIE ... Great... good on you .. now go out and take the Cisco blinkers off and see what other vendors are proposing and I'm sure your boss might value your input on saving the company two-thirds of the cost of Cisco by switching Network vendors. ..

      "Because that's what we've always done" - The most dangerous sentence in business.....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Currently, we've decided it's wrong time to make big investments in Cisco. We'll keep buying switches but everything else.....

    Our analysis is that buying Cisco today is like buying HP-UX/AIX for your everyday workloads in 2008. You aren't going to get sacked for it, but it's going to look very expensive in 18 months when everyone is dropping everything onto commodity hardware and doing much more in software. Cisco are too tied to doing everything in silicon, which makes them expensive and in our eyes legacy kit.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      In previous years we saw many organisations go for Cisco because that's what their engineers knew. Now though engineers are not scared of having to deal with a new CLI any more. Further, most try to avoid cisco-specific protocols and implementation. Instead they are looking to use standards that they know will interop within a multi-vendor network.

      Even BT is dropping Cisco as their choice of 21CN P-router, we hear.

  5. JaitcH

    So Supersalesman Obama fired blanks?

    In 2011 Obama travelled on an international tour preaching the Buy American-Buy Security-Buy CISCO networking products, BUT before Edward Snowden released his library of documents.

    Slavishly, Australia declared Chinese products banned from governmental networks, as did sheep-led UK.

    Now that Snowden has outed the truth it is amusing to watch how the US manufacturers who sponsored Obama's thought process (a presentation of lies made to Congress) are failing.

  6. This post has been deleted by its author

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