back to article Nimble's latest mutants GORGE themselves on unlucky forerunners

Hybrid flash/disk array supplier Nimble Storage has rejigged its product line, replacing the entry-level and midrange products with ones driven by faster processors. Hybrid arrays offer a combination of flash speed and disk capacity and cost/GB, offering much of the performance if all-flash arrays but at a lower cost and with …

  1. M. B.

    Was hoping... see the inclusion of Fiber Channel HBAs. I've heard "it's coming soon", but that's about it. At least the midrange stuff now has additional front-end ports. I'd still like to see them scale up higher in terms of disk shelves, seems dumb to arbitrarily limit their capacity to 3 expansion enclosures when there's nothing really limiting them architecturally.

    1. Nick Dyer

      Re: Was hoping...

      Disclosure: Nimble Employee

      We've publically stated that Fibre Channel will be Generally Available for our customers by the end of this calendar year, and we're on course to meet that schedule I believe.

      Also with these new models it allows us to go further than 3 disk shelves (plus an all flash shelf as a fourth), which will be enabled by a software update in the near future.

      1. M. B.

        Re: Was hoping...

        Nice. There are 6 of us going through NIOP training tomorrow and Nimble is selling exceedingly well for us - almost every storage discussion becomes a Nimble discussion at some point, if only for a few minutes. We have a number of customers who either want to stick with FC after committing to fabric upgrades and a few others who are growing in terms of cold data (IOPS don't vary much but the capacity requirements would put them at or over the limits of the current arrays).

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Was hoping...

          Is there a tech reason why you need FC or is it more of a comfort thing?

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