back to article Dell slaps Intel Haswell brawn in monster Precision workstations

Dell has updated its line of tower and rack workstations with the latest Intel x86-64 chips and promises they will be on sale next month. Powering Dell's new offerings are "Haswell" Xeon E5 v3 processors, which aren’t on general release as yet, and the Precision models will also carry DDR4 memory capable of speeds up to 2, …

  1. CheesyTheClown

    Dell who?

    They're that gray box vendor who ships in black boxes instead right?

    I find it somewhat sad that all these years later, Dell is still shipping PCs and servers and their website makes it impossible to figure out whether they offer solutions as well.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Dell who?

      If you can't find that information, you're probably better off with HP...

  2. K
    Thumb Up

    Rules of thumb for you -

    1) Use Dell's website for finding hardware

    2) Never buy anything from Dells website, call them and demand a discount, I frequently get 30-40% off my purchases

    3) If you need services, see section 2. Dell has a massive list of solutions and services. But their website is not the place to find them, you'll often find them elsewhere, such as (and yes, WTF!!)

    But figure Dell out and you'll be surprised, they can deliver mostly a good 1 stop shop :)

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Not sexy, but does the job

      I've been reasonably impressed with them for the last eight years that I've used them. Server hardware just works, PCs do the job, their service folks are human beings (so get it right most of the time, but not always). In the world of box-shifters, they do a reasonable job.

      Doesn't sound like a glowing endorsement? After 20 years in IT, the above is praise indeed from yours truly.

  3. P. Lee

    E5 v3?

    Handbrake says hello to 18 cores.

  4. W. Anderson

    Dell Workstations: Like Ferraris running 10 Octane Gas

    Dell Workstations can have all the "hardware" horsepower in the world, but by not offering - on equal conditios - GNU-Linux or FreeBSD (*NIX) as proven superior Operating Systems (OS) compared to lame Windows 8, these Workstation units remain a poor value.

    The same reasons that make *NIX the only credible choices for Super Computers use (approximately 498 of Top 500 most powerful Super Computers on earth) - extreme high end graphics, unrivaled computational capabilities, speed and network thruput, also make the *NIX OS better selections for Dell's Workstations.

    Dell has made exponentially bad decisions of not producing any Android Tablets or Linux based Notebooks or Desktops as "Standard Offerings", and only provdes pre-installed Linux servers under substantial pressure and duress (and ridicously higher costs). These policies and practices do not bode well for a progressive and prosperous Dell, unless Microsoft will compensate the company "fully" for all lost *NIX revenue due to these draconian business practices.

  5. earl grey

    "deter light-fingered staff"

    I'm insulted.

    You have a key for this thing?

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