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Microsoft UK is spreading the word on Windows Server 2003 EOS and Cloud OS with a series of free half-day events delivered jointly with strategic partners across the UK. Here is the pitch: Microsoft Cloud OS helps you transform your datacentre and leverage the cloud to reduce cost and provide the flexibility and scale to …


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  1. Michael Habel

    Does anyone really like ChromeOS? Will this "like" transfer (or rub off), on to Windows 9 when it finally hits in the backend of 2015 early 2016? I just don't see much attraction for Clouds... sans Google Music, or other such Services. I sure as heck would not care to trust my Companys Data on (or in), one.... But, hay thats just me...

    1. Anonymous Bullard

      I predict so.

      Well, what do you think the "cloud first - mobile first" strategy is going to do to Windows?

      Windows 8 isn't so much a disaster* - it's more of a warning.

      *well, it is, but..

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "Well, what do you think the "cloud first - mobile first" strategy is going to do to Windows?"

        Add to the bottom line going by the massive success of Office 365, and that Azure is on target to overtake Amazon S3 as the largest cloud by revenue!

        Microsoft already make a profit out of cloud. Amazon still don't...

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Yep. Microsoft certainly are pushing for the cloud.

          All at the expense and misery of it's desktop users, however!

          It looks like we're all getting a Windows shaped Chromebook next year. The worst of both worlds - I can't wait.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Windows 9 - The fusion of a phablet and a chromebook, with the stigma of Windows, but still without a start menu.

            But at least it runs Office, we say - sure... until the internet connection or MS cloud goes down... or the monthly payment doesn't go through.

            The main question on my mind is: I wonder how long I can drag win7 out for until I cave in and get Linux or an iSomething?

  2. ted frater

    A solution looking for a problem.

    I suppose its reasonable of the Reg to publish this article as a contrast to others recently, telling the truth about the cloud.

    As anyone in It will know, and im just a poor amateur at IT, that Msoft, IBM Amazonn Google HP and all the other Mercan cloud providers are subject tthe patriot act. Whats dishonest of them all is they dont mention it!!. So they cant guarantee your security even it they wanted to.

    So if there not telling the truth over this what else are they not telling?

    Also for a saving in cost? whats your confidentiual data worth. To most companies its a hell of a lot more that cloud savings/\. also trust your link to copper of a fibre line? gets dug up when you need it most? no.

    The cloud is a sales gimmick Its would have been more than my directorship's worth to advise the board to succumb to the cluod salesman's spiel.

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Re: A solution looking for a problem.

      The cloud suits certain business models - ones where you might expect stratospheric growth, but would rather not invest in your own hardware in case it doesn't come. That web 2.0 business idea you had in the bath for example.

      The cloud is less of a shoe-in for traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses where growth is typically far smaller. In those cases the sudden shift from occasional capital outlays for hardware to regular monthly revenue outlay has been know to put many an exec off the idea of "moving to the cloud".

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