back to article Online tat bazaar eBay coughs to YET ANOTHER outage

Online marketplace eBay went titsup for an unknown number of customers in the UK this morning, but the company has been very slow to respond to complaints. When quizzed about the outage by The Register, eBay 'fessed up to yet more wobbles with its tat bazaar. “We are investigating reports that certain eBay features are …

  1. Big-G

    Ebay still not up according to my ISP (TalkTalk)

    1. Irongut

      Ya pay peanuts, ya get crap.

      Works for me on a decent ISP.

    2. staggers

      Yup. Down for me in S. London at lunchtime.

      Naturally, I need it urgently today. <sigh>

  2. Britt

    Others Too

    Not just Ebay, EVE Online has been down too. Many comments point to a 3rd party issue around the London area.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Others Too

      According to our dedicated server provider the Virtus data centre in Enfield went (at least partly) tits up this morning due to "high packet rates" around about the same time.

  3. Jess--

    working perfectly here

    been working perfectly here (lincs via eclipse), wasn't aware there was any sort of an outage. been buying bits for a few projects.

    sounding more like a dns fault with some isp's not having picked up on changes yet.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ebay went offline just as I was bidding on a priceless artefact!

    I had the highest bid of £97,250 for some bonafide Russian Uranium Ore from seller Gorbachev1931, but then Ebay went offline and I've been outbid by someone from the US.

    Now where will I get my Uranium Ore supply?

    1. Wibble

      Re: Outbid!

      Is that related to Bulgarian Airbags perchance?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Outbid!

        How did you know?!

  5. psychonaut works from vpn to the USA

    had a customer call about this this very morning. no

    hes on virgin. im on virgin. same problem for me. however, i dont use virgins dns, i use open dns, and it still doesnt work.

    curiously, if i vpn using private tunnel to the USA, works fine.

    reports from downdetector give multiple issues across multiple UK ISP's. somethings fucked somewhere....(great conclusion i know)!

  6. opaque

    Not been working since 10pm last night for one of my friends in Cambridge and only just come back on here.

  7. chuckufarley Silver badge

    One must wonder... many credit card numbers and Pay Pal accounts are being sucked up down into the dirty underbelly of the internet during an outage like thus.

  8. Truth4u

    Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

    No one else does. All the dirtiest stuff in my house came from eBay.

    Any widget you buy is covered in sputum and bodily fluids. Next time I sell something I'm taking a dump in the box.

    1. Gnomalarta

      Re: Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

      Goodness, what the devil do you buy?!

      1. Brewster's Angle Grinder Silver badge

        Re: Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

        I don't know, but they've just admitted they're selling shit!

      2. Toltec
        Big Brother

        Re: Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

        Assembling a DNA database of customers?

        No tinfoil hat icon hence...

      3. VinceH

        Re: Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

        Goodness, what the devil do you buy?!

        Second hand handkerchiefs, tissue paper and loo roll, by the sound of it.

        Icon choice because... well, just look at the state of it!

        1. Truth4u

          Re: Why do I bother cleaning my items before selling them?

          If you buy a keyboard on eBay it will look like that (if the escape key isnt missing).

  9. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    It's amazing how fault tolerant modern sites are.

    I'm astounded how good online and cloud services have become in the last 2 or 3 years. I don't think I can remember in that time a single service falling over. I've seen all the statements. And the worst that has happened is that a few customers were affected for a short time, before the dedicated engineers solved the problem, and everything in the garden was rosy again.

    I put it down to marketing becoming responsible for service status updates, rather than tech. As you will all no doubt agree, marketing (with all their MBAs) are far better qualified to run complex systems than mere IT-scum. Hence this recent vast improvement in fault tolerance.

    1. Brian Davies

      Re: It's amazing how fault tolerant modern sites are.

      Yes, it's the same old ruse employed everywhere from retail to software: "Really!? We haven't had anyone else complaining."

  10. PaulR79

    Working for me

    Unfortunately eBay working still doesn't make this seller respond to my concerns that they've grabbed the money and still not supplied what I paid for almost a week later despite listing it as "Express Delivery". I'm sure they will try to use this as an excuse if they do eventually respond though...

  11. Cliff

    512k routes?

    Tsohost said their outage today was down to the number of ip4 routings going over 512k, which was a hard limit of some routers. Same thing possibly, or bollocks?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 512k routes?

      Yep. I think that was exactly what was behind today's fun. This look familiar?

      Aug 12 08:49:38: %CFIB-SP-3-CFIB_EXCEPTION: FIB TCAM exception for IPv4 unicast. Packets through some routes will be dropped.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "eBay finally coughed to a flaw in its system"

    Although 'cough up' is a common colloquial expression, I've never come across 'cough' used in this way before. Is this what the cool kids are saying these days?

  13. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    ee bay gum

    well someone had to say it

  14. powergreen

    ebay outages Sept 3, 2014

    These outages are targeted,systematic & pre-programmed.....(Home Depot,,Paypal,ebay,Facebook, Amazon,etc)....Target during last Holiday Season, ebay on its anniversary date. They seems to originate from EU & Middle East. Although most websites will not admit truthfully that they have been hacked by sophisticated viruses due to public liabilities & image; they are helpless. Is it possible that the ISIS is behind all these western website blackouts, similar to 911? I had my ebay service down for at least 7 hours today (due to regular planned maintenance service...that is BS). This is INTERNET WAR with no weapons & territories?! Internet is now the social,economical & global bloodstream that can infiltrate for the good,bad & ugly.

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