back to article A beheading in EMC's ViPR lair? Software's big cheese to advise CEO

The head of EMC's Advanced Software Division – the man behind the storage giant's ViPR technology – has become an advisor to EMC CEO David Goulden. We'll explain why this is a big deal. Amitabh Srivastava headed EMC's Advanced Software Division (ASD) after coming over from Microsoft in 2011; we wrote about his arrival to run …

  1. Jim O'Reilly

    How cheap is that whitebox?

    I can imagine the debates at EMC. On the one hand you have guys feeling the hot breath of the ODMs on their necks and worrying the price of hardware will drop like a rock, and on the other you have guys trying to embrace the inevitable, and build software to control it.

    It looks like the typical reaction of the status quo. Every salesman in EMC is motivated NOT to sell ViPR, since it's cheaper overall and it loses them most of their account control. Result is dismal sales for the product. ViPR will quietly be buried, and everyone will heave a sigh of relief.

    Of course, the ODM issue won't go away, and the ViPR folks will be vindicated, but much good it will do them! Better for EMC that ViPR be transferred to VMWare. Now EMC is without a unified storage approach or a good Software-Defined Storage story....Oh wait!, ViPR isn't dead yet!!!!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think the ASD division is the only area I see a decent amount of innovation coming through from them. ViPR is fairly innovative in comparision to what the other big sorage vendors are doings, as is ScaleIO which is another of the products which i can see upsetting the applecart.

    I'm an EMC customer but they have fustrated me considerably over the last few years. They have bought in lots of technologies to plug gaps that they have not been able to predict, resulting in a mish mash of products and managements points and then when they do something innovattive the same short sighted people shoot it down to protect their own vested interests.

    I can't help but think that we are looking at a series of decisions that in the 10 years time will see EMC storage division end up like IBMs PC business did, ie commoditised to the degree that it adds such little value and it might as well be delivered by the cheapest provider possible.

  3. Znuttyone

    Given current GEO political events, why in the world would you use 'beheaded' in your title. #veryinappropriate

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